Dr Oz Relieve Stress With Siberian Ginseng, Vitamin C & Passion Flower


Dr Oz: Siberian Ginseng Relieves Exploding Stress

Dr Oz met three women with three different types of stress and shared remedies to help them get relief, including Siberian Ginseng and Passion Flower.

Leigh explodes when she is stressed out. She told Dr. Oz she tries to work out to relieve the stress, which helps, but she needs more ways to combat the stress. Dr. Holly Lucille said the best alternative medicine for anyone who has short fuse syndrome would be taking Siberian Ginseng.


Dr. Lucille said taking 1/8 a teaspoon of Siberian Ginseng, three times a day is going to help with the stress. She said it will help the body adapt to the stress and get rid of the physical components of the stress, like stomach cramps, pimples, inflammation, skin rashes and other side affects of stress.

Dr Oz Relieve Stress With Siberian Ginseng, Vitamin C & Passion Flower

Dr Oz and Dr. Holly Lucille go over the three types of stress & the three types of natural solution, including Siberian Ginseng, vitamin C & Passion Flower.

Dr. Oz seemed a bit timid to try the molasses looking syrup, but he said it tasted pretty good after finally getting some down.


Dr Oz: Vitamin C for Simmering Stress

Danielle is the simmerer. She will hold her stress in the entire day until it starts to hurt her neck and back. Dr. Lucille said she needed to take some Vitamin C. She recommended taking a 1000 mg of the vitamin in a time release capsule. This way she will only need to take one pill in the morning and be fine the rest of the day.

The vitamin C is going to help decrease the physical and emotional tolls of stress.

Dr Oz: Passion Flower for Bottled Up Stress

Dr. Lucille recommended Natasha take Passion Flower to ease her stress. Natasha is the kind of person to bottle her stress up and she would later feel it in her stomach when it would start to hurt.

Dr. Lucille said the Passion Flower will go to the neurotransmitter in the brain and help her relax. All that is needed is five to 10 drops of the the Passion Flower, which can be drank with tea or water.

Dr. Oz didn’t like the taste. He told Natasha to start letting her stress out so she could just take some Siberian Ginseng.

Dr Oz: How to Stop a Twitching Eye

A few women wrote into Dr. Oz asking him how to make their eyes stop twitching when they get stressed. He said the best idea is to put a hot compress on the twitching eye for 30 seconds.



  1. Mike Hatch says

    Beware. The Vitamin C product link in this recap links to a Vitamin C that is NOT a time release. On The Dr. Oz Show they specifically stated to get it with a time release so that the vitamin works all day long to relieve stress.

  2. mary lou grimsted says

    Dr. Oz: To relieve stress you performed a simple hand operation breathing through one nostril with the thumb on the nose and then the ring finger plus the forefinger on the other nostril…could you please tell me what day you had that information in November/December? Did I get that right? Thank you for all you have shared. MaryLou

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