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Dr Oz: Baggy Eye Remedy

Something you’re doing every single night may be causing you to wake up with baggy eyes and you don’t even know it. In this segment, Dr Oz reveals 3 common causes for puffy eyes.

Dr Oz brought up audience member, Delcy from VA. She stated that she always tried to get a good night sleep, but she still woke up the next morning with puffy bags under her eyes. She told Dr Oz that she never slept with a pillow. Dr Oz asked Delcy what she believed was the cause of the bags underneath her eyes. Like most of us, she stated that she believed her bags were caused by lack of sleep. Wrong! Dr Oz stated lack of sleep was a common answer, but that wasn’t true. He asked Delcy to demonstrate how she slept at night by having her jump into a readymade bed on the stage.


Dr Oz: Puffy Eye Causes

Cause 1- Sleep position Dr Oz Puffy Eyes
Using a pillow will keep your head elevated and keep the fluid pushing in the right direction, which is away from the eyes. If you prefer not to use a pillow, use a rolled up towel and place it underneath your mattress for slight elevation.

Cause 2- Salt
Delcy stated that she had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner last night. (Dr Oz commended her choice until she revealed that she had salty chips with her sandwich.) Doctor Oz explained that excess salt in the diet caused fluid to accumulate at the bottom of the eyes. Dr Oz showed an animation of how the salt chips went to the stomach and how the salt went to the kidneys. The kidneys couldn’t keep up with the salt intake and went back out into the body and into the eye area. Collagen strands become weak as we get older and gave us big bag under the eyes. Remedy; cut your salt intake.

Cause 3-Allergens
To demonstrate this point, Dr Oz had a giant eye with a pouch underneath it onstage. On a table, he had powders in jars that were labeled, dust, pollen, fragrance and pet dander. He took each powder and poured it into the pouch underneath the eye, where it promptly filled and puffed up.


Dr Oz: Puffy Eye Remedy

-Whole milk. Use whole milk because you want the fat it contains. Milk also contains vitamin A and D, to help reduce irritation around the eyes.
-Dip a cotton ball in milk
-Hold onto eye for about 10 minutes.

Dr Oz: Undereye Bag Remedy

-Potato slices. Potato slices stay cooler than cucumbers and contain an astringent.
-Place slices onto the eye
-Leave on for 10 minutes.


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