Dr Oz: Prebiotic Pistachios, Mantram Sleep & DGL Supplement Review


Dr Oz & Andrew Weil: Probiotics Vs Prebiotics

Dr Oz got the chance to tour Dr Andrew Weil’s home and learn what natural and holistic secrets Dr Weil uses in his own life, such as DMSO & Eucalyptus Oil. Now Dr Weil is giving more advice about how to improve digestion in your own body. Get Dr Weil’s DGL supplement review and find out about prebiotic pistachios.

Dr Oz: Andrew Weil Digestion Remedies

Dr Oz: Prebiotic Pistachios, Mantram Sleep & DGL Supplement Review

Dr Oz and Dr Andrew Weil discussed differences between Prebiotics vs Probiotics & how many pistachios you should eat for digestion; DGL supplement review.


Digestive problems sound like they are pretty common across the population. Dr Andrew Weil said it’s the most common type of complaint he hears from other people. He attributes this to the generally poor diet of many Americans, as well as the many stresses of daily life.

Dr Oz: Andrew Weil Prebiotic Pistachios

Did you ever think that Pistachios could be the cure to your digestive problems? Dr Weil said they are high in minerals as well as fiber, and they make a good prebiotic, feeding the good bacteria you want to have in your gut.

Dr Weil recommends eating 47 pistachio nuts, because they are a low calorie nut and the digestive benefits are worth it.


Dr Oz: Andrew Weil DGL Supplement Review

On the other end of the spectrum, Dr Weil vouched for DGL probiotic supplement, which is a licorice extract. Parts of the natural agent that cause high blood pressure and retention of sodium are removed, and you’re left with something that will soothe and coat the mucous of your stomach and esophagus.

If you have heartburn or acid reflux, Dr Weil thinks you should try DGL chewable tablets. Eat DGL before each meal and again before going to bed.

Dr Oz: Andrew Weil Probiotics Vs Prebiotics

Dr Weil also recommended using probiotics to work on your digestive system. They keep friendly bacteria in your digestive system and can solve other health problems as well. Dr Weil suggested searching for forms like Biffidobacterium and Lactobacillus GG.

Dr Oz: Andrew Weil Mantram Sleep Remedy

What’s a good way to get a better night’s sleep? Dr Andrew Weil suggested Mantram, a form of chanting where you silently repeat words and phrases over and over in our heads. I might have to give that one a try.


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