Dr Oz: Pineapple + Bromelain For Injury Healing & Joint Pain


Dr Oz: Pineapple & Bromelain

Dr Oz explained that pineapple has bromelain, which is an enzyme that has been touted as the number one holistic healer for your pain. Pineapples originated in South America and has been used for centuries to help with digestion and inflammation. Bromelain is concentrated in the pineapple’s stem and gives the sweet fruit healing properties. It can also help soothe minor burns and relax muscles.

Dr Oz: Pineapple + Bromelain For Injury Healing & Joint Pain

Dr Oz shared how pineapple and the enzyme bromelain that is in it can help with injuries and joint pain. (Valentyn Volkov / Shutterstock.com)


In a study of 146 boxers, over 70% of those who used bromelain reported all signs of bruising to be gone in four days, as opposed to 14% of those who used a placebo. You can take it as a supplement or include pineapple in your daily diet.

Dr Oz: Bromelain Supplement

Dr Pina LoGuidice explained that there are many studies coming out that prove pineapple is a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, and doesn’t have negative side effects on your stomach or your nervous system. It comes in many different forms so it’s incredibly versatile.

To use bromelain for bruising and swelling, Dr LoGuidice said she suggests her patients keep bromelain in their medicine cabinets. A study was done on 160 women who had post-surgical bruising and swelling and 90% has amazing effects when using bromelain as compared to 40% using the placebo.


Dr Oz: Bromelain To Heal An Injury

Dr Oz explained that when you experience an injury like a sprained ankle, your blood vessels immediately get larger and begin to seep out fluid, immobilizing the ankle and causing irritation and swelling. Bromelain reduces the amount of fluid that leaks out and allows the blood vessels to shrink back down more rapidly.

Dr LoGuidice recommends 500 mg three times a day. If it’s not going down within a few days, increase to 1,000 mg three times a day. If you’re on antibiotics or a blood thinner, always talk to your doctor first.

Dr Oz: Eat Pineapple For Joint Pain

To use bromelain for burns, you can get bromelain cream. She said the cream can help remove the residual damaged tissue from the burn. She puts the cream on to help with pain and inflammation and prevent scar tissue. Keep it covered in the cream until the burn heals.

Dr Oz then welcomed a woman who suffers from joint pain and shin pain. Dr LoGuidice said to have a half cup of pineapple a day to relieve that joint pain and get the vitamin C as well. People taking bromelain do tend to do better than those taking standard medication.


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