Dr Oz: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Symptoms & Heal Pelvic Pain Review


Dr Oz: Pain Your Doctor Often Misses

Did you ever think that Back Pain, Urgency, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) could be related? Dr Oz said that it could be possible for up to 1/3 of women who may be suffering from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.

Dr Oz chose an Assistant of the Day from his audience. She was attending the show with her best friend and her husband. In the past, she has experienced Pelvic Pain, which included pressure and swelling.


Dr Oz: What Does the Pelvic Floor Do?


Do you have any of the symptoms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction? It’s a condition that doctors often miss, so find out how you can test and treat yourself.

Dr Oz said he was alarmed to learn how many problems Pelvic Floor Dysfunction can cause. Most people know where the Pelvis is located, but did you know that your Pelvic Floor is the size of a large Salad Bowl?

He also compared it to a net made up of muscles and ligaments. The Pelvic Floor is tasked with supporting the Uterus, Bladder, Colon, Rectum, Pelvis, Hip Joints, and Trunk. It also helps you to hold in your waste and regulate your satisfaction during intimacy.


Dr Oz: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Symptoms

Sometimes, life experiences (such as Pregnancy or Weight Gain) can cause the size of the Pelvic Floor to fluctuate. What are the symptoms you need to watch for that indicate you might have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction? The list includes:

  • Pelvic Aches
  • Hip Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Irritable Bowel
  • Urgency
  • Painful Intimacy

Dr Oz said there is no standard test to diagnose this problem, but experts are studying this problem.

Dr Oz: Heal Pelvic Pain Review

Physical therapist Amy Stein, author of Heal Pelvic Pain, joined Dr Oz to share her expertise. She said you could begin to diagnose this common problem in your muscles and nerves.

“If you have one or more of the symptoms…, it can cause Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and tightness in the pelvic floor muscles,” Stein said.

Dr Oz said a study has proven you can alleviate your pains by learning to relax your muscles.

Dr Oz: Pelvic Floor Stretch & Exercises

Stein led Dr Oz and his assistant in an exercise. Lie back, with knees bent or straight. Place a tennis ball on your abdomen and rub it around to find tenderness or tightness. If you find a spot, hold the ball there for 60-90 seconds as you breathe deeply and try to relax the muscles.

For the Pelvic Floor Stretch, put your arms between your legs and grab at or under the knees (or ankles), letting your knees rest to the sides. Stein recommended doing this once or twice per day, especially if you have multiple symptoms.


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