Dr Oz: Passionflower Tea, Hawthorn Tea & Eleutherococcus Tea


Dr Oz: Stress Fighting Teas

Among all the natural health and beauty remedies Dr Oz features on his show, one that keeps coming up time and again is Tea Health Benefits. Whether you’re worn out from work or worn down by the kids, it’s nice to be able to relax at the end of the day. Learn how Passionflower Tea, Eleutherococcus Tea, or Hawthorn Tea can help you unwind and recharge in the evening.

Passionflower Tea: Dr Oz Stress Fighting Teas

Dr Oz shared his Stress Fighting Teas, including Passionflower Tea, which can have sedative effects.


Dr Oz invited Pina LoGuidice, a holistic guru, to share her favorite stress fighting teas and explain how they sooth the body after the first sip. Coffee and caffeine rev you up, but Tea can have the opposite effect at any time of day.

Dr Oz Stress Tea: Passionflower Tea

Pina LoGuidice said she likes that Tea helps you connect your mind with your body, while providing health benefits.

She recommended Passionflower Tea, which is native to the US and is used for managing anxiety. She said that it can also be a sedative, so it might be a good bedtime tea. Brew yourself a cup after a long day.


Pina said that Passionflower Tea is soothing, light, and easy to drink. A woman from Dr Oz’s audience tried the tea and said it tasted good. She hoped it could help her Get Better Sleep at night.

Dr Oz Stress Tea: Eleutherococcus Tea

All the way from Siberia, Eleutherococcus Tea seems perfectly designed for the Type A personality that is constantly on the move. If you or your spouse is always fidgeting nervously, this could be the right tea for you. Pina LoGuidice said you can drink Eleutherococcus Tea instead of coffee to fuel your day.

Dr Oz Stress Tea: Hawthorn Tea

A member of the rose family, Hawthorn Tea hails from England. It has been studied for its effects on the body’s cardiovascular system. It’s also full of Flavonoids, and can help ease your emotional woes after a trying day.

Hawthorn Tea is not a sedative, which means it’s great to drink day or night. This tea is also safe for your kids to enjoy.

Will you be trying any of Dr Oz’s Stress Fighting Teas? Share your results in the comments.


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