Dr Oz: Papaya Seeds, Wormwood Tea & Garlic Cloves: Parasite Remedies


Parasites & Worms: Dr Oz Remedies

Dr Oz shared his Stomach Parasites Symptoms, but were you left wondering what happens next if you find out you have a Parasite? Good thing Dr Robynne Chutkan stuck around to talk about what to do to prevent and treat these unfortunate conditions. She said that washing your hands thoroughly and regularly is a good start. Don’t forget to wash your fruits and vegetables as well before you prepare them. There are some more remedies and solutions, including Garlic Supplement Pills, Wormwood Tea, and even Papaya Seeds.

Dr Oz: Parasites & Acid Reducers

Papaya Seeds & Wormwood Tea: Dr Oz

Dr Oz's worm & parasite remedies included Papaya Seeds, Wormwood Tea and Garlic.


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