Dr Oz: Papaya Seeds, Wormwood Tea & Garlic Cloves: Parasite Remedies


Parasites & Worms: Dr Oz Remedies

Dr Oz shared his Stomach Parasites Symptoms, but were you left wondering what happens next if you find out you have a Parasite? Good thing Dr Robynne Chutkan stuck around to talk about what to do to prevent and treat these unfortunate conditions. She said that washing your hands thoroughly and regularly is a good start. Don’t forget to wash your fruits and vegetables as well before you prepare them. There are some more remedies and solutions, including Garlic Supplement Pills, Wormwood Tea, and even Papaya Seeds.

Dr Oz: Parasites & Acid Reducers

Papaya Seeds & Wormwood Tea: Dr Oz

Dr Oz's worm & parasite remedies included Papaya Seeds, Wormwood Tea and Garlic.


Did you know that stomach acid is one of your best natural defenses against Parasites? That’s why you should skip the acid reducers if you are experiencing symptoms. They are a protein pump inhibitor, according to the show. Taking acid reducers lowers your natural defenses against parasites, so you’d probably want to avoid them whenever possible.

Dr Oz: Garlic Cloves Vs Garlic Supplement

Garlic is a great natural parasite fighter. Dr Oz suggested eating two cloves of garlic each day. He noted that Garlic Cloves are a great way of getting your digestive system on track, especially if it’s been haywire lately.

If you can’t handle eating Garlic Cloves, try taking 1000 mg Garlic Supplement each day.


Dr Oz: Wormwood Tea Review

Wormwood Tea is an effective means of killing roundworms found in your gut or intestines. It can reduce any egg infestation that’s present in your gut. Dr Oz suggested drinking one cup a day. This is also available as an extract if you’re not into the tea.

The one takeaway about this tea is that the taste is apparently very strong, even for Dr Oz.

Papaya Seeds Worm Remedy: Dr Oz

There’s still one more remedy that could work to kill any worms that could be secretly living inside your digestive system. Papaya Seeds will kill worms, and you add 1/4 cup to a teaspoon of honey. Try doing this remedy for about 10 days. This is great for kids with worms, because it’s all natural, and it has a success rate of about 75%.

Would you try these remedies first before calling your doctor? What do you think about Dr Oz’s revealing segments on parasites?


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