Dr Oz: Osteopathic Massage & Elderberry Extract Fight Colds


Dr Oz: Cold Season

Vitamin B12 isn’t the only health topic we don’t know enough about. Cold season may seem like it’s a long way off, but it’ll be back before we know it. Maybe you’ve even had a cold this summer or just can never seem to shake the symptoms. But Dr Oz discussed steps you can take to prevent a cold from sidelining you before it starts. Find out the role your Lymph Nodes play and get tips about Elderberry Extract and Zinc Lozenges. Learn the Osteopathic Massage technique that could come in handy next time you have a cold.

Dr Oz: Osteopathic Massage for Colds

Dr Oz shared cold remedies, including Osteopathic Massage, Zinc Lozenges and Elderberry Extract.


Audience member Gladys told Dr Oz that she likes to drink tea for cold prevention. (I like to drink coffee, but I don’t think it has magic powers to keep me from getting sick.)

Dr Oz: What Do My Lymph Nodes Do?

Dr Oz explained why the Lymph Nodes are so important when we are talking about health. Blood Vessels let the blood travel throughout the body, including the Lymph Nodes. Lymphs are found throughout the body and help to filter out unwanted elements in the blood. Keeping the Lymph Nodes healthy and in working order is a key to staying free from colds.

Dr Oz: Osteopathic Massage

When you are sick with the common cold, your Lymph Nodes swell to try to fight infection. Neck massage can actually help reduce the swelling, which can be useful in treating a cold.


The Osteopathic Massage Technique demonstrated on the show involves massaging from the skin under your ear down to the clavicle. Dr Oz showed it off on Gladys, and you know the audience was seething with jealousy.

Dr Oz: Elderberry Extract Review

If you don’t have an international celebrity around to massage your lymph nodes, what else can you do for cold prevention? Dr Oz suggested a 1 tablespoon dosage of Elderberry Extract, which can have health properties.

Dr Oz: Zinc Lozenges Dosage

Also recommended were Zinc Lozenges. If you’re having symptoms or trying to avoid catching a cold, take about four of these per day, spreading them out every few hours. These are available online or in your local drugstore or pharmacy.


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