Dr Oz: Mushrooms For Stress? Powdered Medicinal Mushrooms Benefit


Dr Oz: Powdered Medicinal Mushrooms For Stress

Dr Oz started his 21-Day Experiment with dozens of testers who tried everything from giving up sugar to drinking a daily turmeric tonic. For Beth and Chrisi, they had to try powdered medicinal mushrooms to see if the mushrooms, when mixed into a drink, would really work to decrease stress. Both women drank the powdered mushrooms, dissolved in water or juice, once a day for 21 days. So what happened?

Beth mixed it into iced tea and didn’t mind the taste and by day 12 Chrisi reported regular bowel movements has her only side effect. By day 20, Beth reported slight changes in her stress levels. Beth is a mother of three and appreciated being able to stay calm, keep her cool, and not yell as much.



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