Dr Oz: Muffin Tin Freezer Tips & Marble Foot Massager to De-Stress


Dr Oz: Muffin Tin Stress Remedy

Do you have Muffin Tins hidden away in the back of a kitchen cabinet? How often do most of us make muffins, anyway? Today, Dr. Oz shared a new use for those tins that actually can have a big impact in reducing your stress.

Who would’ve thought that you can find a way to lose weight and relax using something as random as a muffin tin? But Doctor Oz said it’s true. He invited Kristin Van Ogtrop, editor of Simple Magazine, to show everyone how the Muffin Tin can help you lose weight.


Dr Oz: Muffin Pan Tricks

Dust off your Muffin Pan and find out how you can use it to lose weight and de-stress.

I have to say I’m skeptical, but I’m definitely curious as well.

Dr Oz: Muffin Pan Freezer Trick

The secret of the Muffin Tin turns out to be portion control. You can use it to properly portion whatever you are freezing and storing, such as lasagna, or even liquids like Dr. Oz’s Green Drink.


You don’t have to throw away your unused herbs. You can place them in the Muffin Tin with a little bit of water and freeze them so they’ll last for months. This also works with recipes like soups and stews that can make huge batches.

Dr Oz: Muffin Tin Snack Portions

Try this Muffin Tin strategy for portioning your vegetables and other snacks. Celery, nuts, and other healthy favorites can fit inside the tin. Then all you have to do is cover it with plastic wrap and stick it in the fridge, so your snacks are always ready when you are.

It’s also great for keeping consumption under control when it comes to junk food snacks like chips and pretzels. This is a creative way to keep yourself from binging on snacks just because they are in front of you. I know I’m guilty of that; now I’m wondering what I did with my Muffin Tin.

Dr Oz: Muffin Pan Foot Massage

You can actually use the Muffin Tin to massage your feet and toes as well. Of course, you want to clean the tin properly before and after using it for your feet.

Put a few marbles in the tin and use your toes to move them from space to space in the tin. This actually improves the strength in your toes and feet, while giving you a gentle massage at the same time. Dr. Oz is going to do whatever it takes to trick us all into being healthier.


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