Dr Oz: Montel’s Exercise Workout Plan & Lavender Spray for Sleep


Dr Oz: Montel Williams Workout

Do you want to target and sculpt a particular part of your body when it comes to your weight loss and exercise routine?

Once you have faced your issues surrounding Body Image and Emotional Eating, you may be ready to try a new fitness routine to get yourself in shape. After confronting Montel’s Body Image Struggles and Montel’s Emotional Eating Remedies, Dr Oz invited TV personality Montel Williams to share his own workout plan.


Also on today’s show, Dr Oz explored Seasonal Skin Care and Proper Hair Hygiene.

Dr Oz: Montel Workout

Working out, at home, at the gym, or wherever, can give you more energy & Montel showed how to get started.

Montel said that workouts have transformed his life, and changing your eating habits can have a domino effect in other areas of his life. He’s noticed that his strength and stamina have improved since he started getting serious about working out over the last eight months.


Dr Oz: Montel Workout for Chubby Arms

Now Montel is showing off exercises you can do to target weight loss or tone in particular body areas. Sherry was in the audience, and she asked about how to get rid of her chubby arms, which she inherited from her mother. Parents always leave us the best gifts.

Montel’s Arm Workout

Sit in a chair with feet on the floor in front of you. Scoot to the edge of the chair and sit on your fingers, which should be pointing straight out away from you. Pull your feet out and dip, working your triceps and chest. Try 10 reps and you’ll feel the burn in your arms. For an extra challenge, move your feet even further out. Just make sure you’re using a stable chair.

Dr Oz: Montel Workout for Back Fat

Sydney was in the audience and she’s interested in losing her back fat. With summer coming soon, she wanted to wear sexier tops.

Montel’s Back Workout

Grab some canned vegetables from your Kitchen Pantry. With cans in each hand, put your arms to your sides and dip, bending at your knees. Pull your arms back in as you dip. Move your arms up in front of your body as you stand up. Repeat 10 times.

Dr Oz: Montel Workout for Love Handles

Lauren complained that she’s developed love handles since giving birth to her daughter. She wants to get rid of them. Montel said this is difficult to do, but not impossible.

Montel’s Love Handles Workout

Get on your knees with elbows in front of you, stretching into Plank Position. Alternate pulling up your knees, and perform 10 reps for each knee.

Dr Oz: Montel Williams Sleep Remedies

In addition to exercise tips, Montel Williams also shared some great sleep remedies. He said Low Frequency sounds have helped him get rest. You can find music on different frequencies that can help you get to sleep at night. The alternating beats of Low Frequency recordings can be soothing.

Dr Oz: Lavender Sleep Spray

Another remedy you can try is Montel’s Lavender Sleep Spray. Mix a teaspoon of Lavender with ¼ cup of Vodka and dilute it with water. Put this in a spray bottle and spritz it on your pillow or a cloth you can take to bed.

For more help getting to sleep, try avoiding all electronics and noise 15 minutes before bedtime. You can also reflect on the day by writing down good things you did or what you have planned for tomorrow.

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