Dr Oz: Milk Thistle, Krill Oil, Bacopa & White Bean Extract Reviews


Dr Oz: Super Supplements

Dr Oz talked about Anti-Aging Spices on his show, along with Alternative Medicine treatments. Next, he turned to another popular show topic: supplements for weight loss, better memory & health. Check out the highlights of Dr Oz’s recommendations for White Bean Extract, Krill Oil and Milk Thistle.

Dr Oz met Roxanne from his audience, who said she takes a gummy multivitamin each day to cover all her bases. Dr Oz had a few new ideas for her supplement and health routine.


Dr Oz Weight Loss: White Bean Extract Review

Milk Thistle & Krill Oil Reviews: Dr Oz

Dr Oz featured reviews of Milk Thistle & other supplements, including a Krill Oil giveaway.

First up was a Dr Oz favorite, White Bean Extract. This supplement can help you avoid weight gain, something that causes your body to age dramatically. White Bean Extract keeps you from absorbing carbohydrates, limiting your daily caloric intake.

The recommended White Bean Extract dosage is 500 mg daily. Dr Oz suggested taking it before you eat. Roxanne admitted that she tends to binge at meal time, so Dr Oz told her to think about taking White Bean Extract before each meal.


Bacopa Supplement Review

Bacopa is a supplement that can help keep your memory sharp. Roxanne said she works in Human Resources and always has to remember a bunch of different names at once. Bacopa comes from India, where native residents have relied on through the years. The Bacopa dosage is 300 mg daily.

Milk Thistle Supplement Review

Do you want to keep your system free of toxins? Try Milk Thistle, a supplement that flushes unwanted toxins from your body, which accumulate from food, drinks, and even the environment. Milk Thistle aids your Liver in its busy job of keeping the body free of impurities. Milk Thistle dosage is 200 mg daily, and this can be very helpful for people with Liver issues. As always, be sure to mention supplements to your doctor.

Dr Oz: Krill Oil Review

Krill Oil is great for heart health, thanks to its Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Roxanne admitted that Heart Disease runs in her family. Krill Oil is a powerful antioxidant, and it has been proven in studies to work faster than other Omega 3 sources, without the fishy odor. Try a 300 mg daily dosage of Krill Oil.

Schiff MegaRed Krill Oil Giveaway

Dr Oz gave free bottles of Schiff MegaRed Krill Oil to his studio audience. He also hosted a giveaway through his official website. But since this episode was a repeat, the giveaway might have ended. Check Dr Oz’s site for more details on the giveaway.


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