Dr Oz: Milk Skin Irritation Remedy & Listerine Blister Cleaner


Dr Oz: Beauty Home Remedies

Beauty is pain, according to some people, though I’ve never been a fan of that philosophy. No matter what you think about the pursuit of perfection, it’s not easy. We all make mistakes and accidents happen. However, there are some ways you can recover from beauty mistakes and blunders so you can stay healthy and beautiful.

Doctor Oz shared some solutions for common health problems like hangnails or blisters. Here are the affordable solutions you can try at home, using products you may already have in your house.


Dr Oz: Clove Powder & Cuts

Dr Oz said that Clove Powder helps to heal cuts.

Milk Remedy for Irritated Skin

Andrea in the audience told Dr Oz that her skin always gets irritated after her Brow Wax appointment. This causes her eyes to look irritated and puffy for days, and she has to suffer until it goes away on its own.

Not anymore, according to Dr Oz, who revealed an easy fix. Just pull some milk out of your refrigerator, because fatty milk is great for Irritated Skin. Put one cup of milk in an iced glass. Dip a towel in your glass and apply it directly to your irritated skin. Leave it on for five minutes and let the healing begin.


Dr Oz: White Vinegar Hangnail Remedy

Andrea has a lot of problems, apparently. Next she complained about her constant Hangnails. She even had one at the show taping. But Doctor Oz said ripping off a Hangnail can lead to a pus-filled infection, and possibly even surgery in extreme cases.

Instead, get some White Vinegar from your kitchen. It is acidic as well as antiseptic. All you need is a teaspoon of White Vinegar mixed with four ounces of warm water. Soak your Hangnail for about five minutes. Repeat this twice a day for five days. I don’t know if I have the patience for this remedy.

Dr Oz: Clove Powder Heals Cuts

If you cut yourself shaving, welcome to the club. But did you know the solution to this beauty issue is probably on your spice rack? Find Clove Powder and sprinkle it on the cut. This spice contains a chemical that prevents infection. Just leave it on for a minute and you’ll be good to go.

Doctor Oz: Listerine for Blisters

Last on the list were the gross topic of Blisters. Dr. Oz said you should never pop your blisters, because this creates an open wound that could easily become infected. Instead, grab Listerine from your bathroom. It’s high in alcohol content, which can help dry up that blister. Just wet a cotton ball with Listerine and put it on your Blister about three times a day until it goes away.


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