Dr Oz: Mentholated Topical Cream Remedy & Myrrh Oil for Canker Sores


Inside Dr Oz’s Medicine Cabinet

Doctors have a lot of advice to give, but are they really walking the walk when it comes to healthy living? It’s every patient’s fantasy to find out how the doctor really lives. Today, we got a peek at Dr Oz’s Pantry. Next, he gave us all a look at his medicine cabinet.

Perhaps disappointingly, the only drugs in his medicine cabinet were Aspirin and Ibuprofen. Dr Oz does have two toothbrushes, and uses a special toothpaste because of sensitive gums. He even uses a timer to brush for exactly two minutes. (Why not use an electric toothbrush that keeps time for you?)


Dr Oz explained that one of his toothbrushes is for scrubbing the teeth each morning, while the other gives his gums a gentle massage at night. He wears mouth guards to keep his teeth from grinding. He is starting to sound like he has the oral hygiene of a 14-year-old.

Dr Oz: Medicine Cabinet

Dr Oz revealed what he keeps on hand in his own medicine cabinet, as well as backstage in his dressing room.

Dr Oz: Myrrh Oil Canker Sore Cure

Doctor Oz also said he keeps his medical supplies in the kitchen, not the bathroom. That’s because it’s cooler and drier in the kitchen.


One of the items he keeps on hand can help with mouth problems such as Canker Sores. Just add five drops of Myrrh Oil to three ounces of water. Swish this mixture in your mouth a couple times a day, then rinse.

Dr Oz: Aloe Vera Gel Bad Breath Cure

If you have bad breath (or maybe coffee breath), you can try to clear it up using a Dr Oz home remedy. Mix ¼ cup of pure Aloe Vera Gel with ½ cup water, and drink this concoction.

Dr Oz said it creates a good consistency to ease an upset stomach, which could be a cause of your bad breath. This gets to the actual cause of your problem, instead of treating only the symptom of your bad breath.

Dr Oz: Mentholated Topical Cream for Toenail Fungus

Treat your Toenail Fungus using a Mentholated Topical Cream, which you can apply directly to your affected nail. Apply it in the morning and at night, and you’ll notice it clears up the odor as well.

Dr Oz Dressing Room: Beano

For a little more behind the scenes action, Dr Oz took us into a sacred space: his dressing room backstage. Here are the items he keeps close by before the show.

Dr Oz keeps Beano in his dressing room, which prevents Gas And Bloating. These symptoms can be associated with eating healthy foods like beans, but you can take Beano before eating them to prevent symptoms.

Read more about Gas & Bloating Prevention.

Dr Oz Dressing Room: Dental Floss

Dental Floss’s job is to clear the plaque out of your teeth and gums. Dr Oz reminded us to make sure we get even those hard to reach teeth in the back of the mouth. Floss is good for your gums as well as your heart, and it is designed to be easy on your skin.

Dr Oz Dressing Room: Baby Wipes

Dr Oz also revealed that he keeps Baby Wipes in the bathroom of his dressing room. They have Vitamin E as well as Aloe Vera. Plus, they are soothing and won’t cause irritation like toilet paper sometimes does. If you’re looking for wipes, make sure to check the label and find some that are flushable.


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