Dr Oz: Manuka Honey Face Mask & Pepto Bismol Face Mask Remedies


Dr Oz: Pepto Bismol Face Mask

In this segment, Dr Oz brought up audience member, Rosanna, who stated that she used 4 products that morning and that was BEFORE she took the time to put on her make-up. Rosanna (and other audience members) had to spin the Wheel Of Aging Dilemmas and when the wheel stopped on a dilemma, Doctor Oz explained how the remedy could take 10 years off of the face.

First Beauty Problem:


Dull skin- This is a common problem, especially in the wintertime. Dr Oz brought out a bowl containing a pink liquid to remedy this issue. (Can you guess what it was? Here’s a hint; it is probably already in your bathroom cabinet at home.)

Remedy: Pepto Bismol– this beauty wonder brightens up the skin because it works for your face like it does for your stomach—it coats and tightens. Dr Oz Manuka Honey Facial It also cleans up pores and gives you a healthy glow. Dr Oz slathered it on Rosanna’s face and told her he would check back with her in 10 minutes.

-Apply with cotton
-let dry for 10 minutes
-peel off
– wash with lukewarm water


Dr Oz: Almond Oil Chapped Lips Remedy

Second Beauty Problem:

Chapped lips- This is another common issue in the wintertime. For this beauty issue, forget licking your lips, this only dries them out more. Use sweet almond oil instead.

-1 Tbsp of sweet almond oil,
-1 Tbsp of sugar
-apply to lips
-scrub with toothbrush

You can purchase sweet almond oil for $10 at health food stores. This method takes a few applications to work.

Dr Oz: Manuka Honey Face Mask for Wrinkles

Third Beauty Problem:

Fine Line Wrinkles- Kelly, a third audience member, stated that she drank 2 liters of water per day and ate Dr Oz’s green smoothies every morning. (Do you believe her?) To help prevent crow’s feet, Dr Oz suggested Manuka Honey. Dr Oz stated that he used this in the hospital for wounds. Manuka honey exfoliates the skin, leaving it soft and luxurious.

-apply to wrinkles
-leave on for 10-20 minutes
-wash off with lukewarm water.

Dr Oz used it on Kelly’s face, who stated it felt great. (She also said it tasted great too!)

Note: Dr Oz came back to Rosanna, the first audience member, and washed off the Pepto Bismol, so you can exhale and relax.


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