Dr Oz: Licorice Tea & Bladderwrack Body Detox Remedies


Dr Oz: Healthy Affordable Detox Options

If bad habits and low energy have been taking their toll on your body over time, detoxifying yourself could be a great option to give yourself a fresh start. But many people are overwhelmed by the investment of time or money that is sometimes required to get these programs started.

Doctor Oz unveiled some quick, easy, and best of all affordable ways you can help your body eliminate toxins and help your body cleanse itself. Terri Trespicio is a lifestyle expert who joined Dr Oz to share her tips on this subject.


Dr Oz: Bathtime Detox

Take advantage of your next relaxing bath as an opportunity for a cheap & easy detoxification.

Dr Oz Detox: Licorice Tea

From the audience, Lisa reported that she is a busy working mom who feels like she is always running on empty by the end of each day.

Terri advised her to eliminate as much sugar as possible from her diet, especially added sugar. She said you can reduce sweet tooth cravings using Licorice Tea. This is native to Asia and the Mediterranean regions of the world. It’s actually sweeter than sugar, and it has no calories. Plus, it helps keep your liver healthy.


Dr Oz Detox: Bitter Foods

Did you know that bitter greens are actually good for you? They also have benefits to the liver, which is hard at work keeping your body clean and healthy. Arugula, Dandelions and Watercress are among the bitter foods highlighted on the show.

These release your digestive enzymes to help keep food moving through the body’s digestive system. Lisa gave them a try, and she compared the taste so Sauerkraut; that may not be so bad, depending on your feelings about Sauerkraut.

Dr Oz: Dry Skin Rub Detox

You can detox the outside of your body before your next shower. Just use a dry brush to scrape away the top layer of dead skin. This will loosen dead cells and help clear pores so your body can eliminate waste through the skin. Just be sure to jump in the shower or bath about five minutes afterward to get the maximum benefit.

Dr Oz: Bladderwrack Bath Herb

Hot baths are a timeless stress relief strategy. You can take them to the next level by using Bladderwrack, a mineral rich seaweed herb. Toss a handful of the loose herb right in your bathwater. Then slip in and relax; Lavender is another optional bathtime addition.

Terri claims these remedies will help you feel noticeable changes within a day or so, but maintaining these practices over time will have a lasting positive effect on your overall health and wellbeing.


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