Dr Oz L-Carnosine Review: Prevents Dementia & Reverses Wrinkles


Dr Oz: L-Carnosine Review

Dr Oz is a superstar when it comes to supplements, and he even recently compiled his Super Supplement Guide to the best products out there. If you’re looking for the magic bullet to cure your wrinkles, boost your eyesight and improve your memory, it may all be encapsulated in a single powerful pill: L-Carnosine.

Dr Oz L-Carnosine Review

Dr Oz's L-Carnosine Review said taking this product early can stave off dementia, boost energy, and even fight wrinkles.


This may be as close as supplements can get to the fountain of youth. Dr Oz shared its various health benefits, which include improved eyesight and increased vitality (who doesn’t want a little more oomph in their daily routine?). If you’re hoping to take 10 years off your appearance, have younger looking skin, and generally feel better, it sounds like Dr Oz thinks L-Carnosine is the key.

Dr Oz: What Is Carnosine?

One of the secrets here is that Carnosine itself is naturally made by the brain. But as we age (and everything goes to hell), the brain produces less of it, with output dropping 60% or more. No wonder people complain about having less energy with age!

Carnosine also has antioxidant properties, which Dr Oz and his fans always love. Carnosine powers the brain and busts wrinkles–is there anything it can’t do?


One woman in the audience has noticed that her energy levels seem to be slipping as she hits age 30. As a working mom, she said sometimes she is having trouble juggling everything, and her wrinkles are on the rise.

L-Carnosine Review: Dr Oz

Dr Oz figured that the woman from the audience is a prime candidate for the product, and he explained how it works. He had a display set up with multiple pillows, representing Protein. He had his audience volunteer hold the pillows, piling them into her arms.

He explained that Protein begins to weigh us down, and Carnosine is what counterbalances that in the body. That’s why it can help reverse things, and probably also why its absence is so noticeable in aging symptoms.

Dr Oz L-Carnosine Dosage

Dr Oz went on to add that this supplement has benefits for vision issues and even Dementia. (What’s the catch?) If you start taking this product early on (around age 30), you can stave off some of these unpleasant effects and maybe even lower your Dementia risk.

The recommended dosage, according to Dr Oz, is 500 mg L-Carnosine twice a day, with food.



  1. Frank says

    Dr. Oz also recommended raw pure green coffee bean extract for quick effective weight loss which two friends of mine bought, tried and got absolutely no result. They now refer to Dr. Oz as the flim flam man.

    • says

      With so many products featured on the show, I often wonder what type of results people get. Thanks for the tip about green coffee bean extract…I’ll skip that one.

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