Dr Oz: Kitty Litter Facial Recipe & Lemon Juice Cracked Heel Solution


Dr Oz: Viewer Home Remedies

When we watch Dr Oz at home, we may be learning a lot about our health. But viewers like us are also an important part of Dr Oz’s educational process. He shared some of the best viewer remedies, including the Kitty Litter Facial and a Lemon Juice Cracked Heel solution.

Dr Oz: Does The Kitty Litter Facial Work?

Dr Oz: Kitty Litter Facial Recipe & Lemon Juice Cracked Heel Solution

Dr Oz shared the Kitty Litter Facial recipe, a lemon juice cracked heel solution, and how cheese can relieve shin splits in this segment of viewer remedies.


Since home viewers often have the best tips, Dr Oz and his team put together some of their brightest ideas for this segment.

One woman got creative with her cat litter and uses it to create a paste for a home facial. After working its magic, this is removed with a warm washcloth.

Dr Oz said that he could not believe that this actually worked, but he tested it and it is true! The magic ingredient in the kitty litter facial is Bentonite Clay, which is also used in some skin care treatments.


Dr Oz: Kitty Litter Facial Recipe

Here is how to make this home beauty treatment. (Just be sure you are using fresh litter and not sharing with your cat!)

Combine one part kitty litter with two parts water to make your own kitty litter facial at home. Check the ingredients to make sure the brand you use contains 100% Bentonite Clay.

Dr Oz: Shin Splint Blue Cheese Remedy

Another viewer contacted the show to say that she has learned a shin splint treatment from an Olympic skier. Lindsey Vonn once said that she uses blue cheese to get relief on her feet.

The viewer tried this herself, rubbing a block of cheese on problem areas of her feet. This gives her pain relief, and Dr Oz said this one work also. That is because cheese is good at staying cold, and cold therapy reduces inflammation while also numbing pain.

Dr Oz: Lemon Juice Cracked Heel Solution

If you have a cracked heel, how do you typically treat it at home? One viewer said that she tried using super glue. But Dr Oz said that is a bad idea, because you could be trapping fungus in the crack of your foot.

Instead, he recommended using this lemon juice cracked heel treatment. Apply a lemon slice or lemon juice to cracked feet and wear a sock to bed overnight. Then moisturize the next morning to follow up on the treatment.

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  1. debby henderson says

    I got rid of my cracked heels when I started looking closely and realized the skin was very thick. I used a cream that is for athletes foot. My heels are very soft and there are no cracks. It’s been about 5 years since I had a problem.

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