Dr Oz: Is Ear Candling Safe? Should I Try Ginkgo Biloba?


Dr Oz: Holistic Remedies

After getting a divergent perspective from Dr Joe Mercola about Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Doctor and Medications Not To Take, Dr Oz featured some Alternative Pain Remedies. He also spent some time discussing holistic healing options that could help some patients find relief. Dr Oz shared his opinions about Ear Candling and the holistic remedy Ginkgo Biloba. Find out what he had to say about these treatment options.

Dr Oz: Is Ear Candling Safe?

Ear Candling may be popular, but is it safe? Dr Oz weighed in on some holistic treatments.


To help him discuss this topic, Dr Oz enlisted a married couple from his audience, Lauren and Jason, who tied the knot six years ago. Lauren said she doesn’t like to take drugs, like antibiotics, because she doesn’t want to build up a resistance to them. Jason said he did not have reservations about taking drugs, though he said he doesn’t always believe what drug companies have to say about their products.

Lauren and Jason wanted to know more from Dr Oz about holistic remedies.

Dr Oz: Is Ear Candling Safe?

Ear Candling is a means of cleaning ear wax out of the ear canal, which has recently seen a surge in popularity. It’s done by placing a lit candle in the ear. As the wax burns, it supposedly draws wax out of the ear. Do you think this really works?


Dr Oz said that you should skip these products and treatments. That’s because it’s normal and healthy for the ear to produce ear wax, so he said this product is unnecessary. He even said that Ear Candling is unsafe and possibly dangerous, because the candle or dripping wax could lead to burns or possibly a fire.

Dr Oz: Should I Try Ginkgo Biloba?

Jason wanted to know the truth about Ginkgo Biloba, which he said he has heard is good for improving your memory and energy levels.

Dr Oz was more enthusiastic about this remedy. He said that it has been used for over 50 years, and research has concluded it can slow the progression of dementia and stimulate brain blood flow.

He suggested a dosage of 240 mg Ginkgo Biloba daily to start out; eventually Dr Oz said you could work up to a dose of 600 mg.


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