Dr Oz: Improve Sleep With Tart Cherry Juice & Epsom Salt Bath Remedy


Dr Oz: Tart Cherry Juice Improve Sleep Quality

Dr Oz said he’s trying to get America sleeping again and the good news is that it’s working. He’s had a ton of viewers write in sharing that they’re finally sleeping better thanks to him. One viewer named Loretta wrote on Facebook: “Dr. Oz, you’re not boring, but after trying everything else — you’re the one who finally put me to sleep!!” Dr Oz welcomed Loretta to the show.

Dr Oz: Improve Sleep With Tart Cherry Juice & Epsom Salt Bath Remedy

Dr Oz welcomed viewers to his show who shared the tips they learned from him that helped them sleep better. (Ariwasabi / Shutterstock.com)


She said it started around the time she started menopause and just couldn’t stay asleep, and she actually makes a living helping people learn how to sleep. Loretta shared that when she saw Dr Oz’s segment on better sleep and the tart cherry juice, it changed her life. She shared that she takes a tart cherry juice concentrate in a shot glass 90 minutes before she goes to sleep, and she sleeps through the night.

Dr  Oz said you can get your tart cherries frozen if you want, or you can drink tart cherry juice or tart cherry juice concentrate. Dr Oz said tart cherries were a staple in Turkey, so he ate them growing up constantly. Tart cherries have the exact amount of melatonin that we need. Dr Oz and Loretta as well as a few audience members took a shot of tart cherry juice.

Dr Oz: Shut Down Electronics For Better Sleep

Dr Oz then showed an Instagram picture of a before and after that a woman named Stacy sent in to show what a difference getting eight hours of sleep made. Stacy joined Dr Oz and shared that she took her TV out of her room and unplugged her phone, tablet, and computer. She said when she goes to bed at night, none of her electronics go with her. Dr Oz said you should shut down all your electronics one hour before bedtime and darken your bedroom to help you sleep better.


Dr Oz: Lavender Epsom Salt Bath Remedy Improves Sleep

Another viewer named Tammy said lavender Epsom salt baths are what helped her sleep better at night. Dr Oz said you should take one of the baths at least twice a week.


  • 1 C Epsom salts
  • 10 drops lavender bath oil


  1. Add Epsom salts and lavender oil to warm or hot water.
  2. Soak, enjoy, and relax!


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