Dr Oz: I4U Glasses, Alka Seltzer Bug Bite Remedy & Pencil Headache Cure


Dr Oz: Quick Cures For Everyday Problems

From constant headaches to chronic urinary tract infections, Dr Oz shared some quick solutions to common problems. Here are the solutions he suggested on the show.

Dr Oz: Pencil Remedy for Headaches

Donna complained to Doctor Oz that she has headaches every single day. That’s got to get old. She said she’s tried Over The Counter Medications for relief, but her dentist believes that her habit of grinding her teeth could be to blame.


Dr Oz: Easy Remedies

The solution to your everyday ailments and problems could be right under your nose, according to Dr. Oz.

Dr Oz said you could relieve tension headaches using a pencil. Put it between your teeth and let your jaw relax. You don’t want to bite down hard, though.

This can relieve stress, which often causes us to clench the jaws, leading to aching temples.


Dr Oz: Alka Seltzer Bug Bite Remedy

Looking to relieve those itchy bug bites? Grab your Alka Seltzer and dissolve two tablets in four ounces of water. Then apply it right on your bite for about five minutes.

Alka Seltzer has aspirin in it, which helps with pain relief. It works faster in this situation as a topical treatment than it would if you took an oral Aspirin.

Dr Oz: Baking Soda UTI Remedy

To fight a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), mix ¼ teaspoon of Baking Soda with 8 ounces of Water. Baking Soda has Alkaline and low acidity. Drinking water with this remedy also helps flush you out.

Dr Oz: Bad Breath Yogurt Remedy

Did you know the bacteria in Yogurt can beat up the bacteria that causes bad breath? Try plain or Greek Yogurt instead of sweetened varieties. You can jazz it up with Fruit or Honey for added flavor.

Dr Oz: Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy for Dog Itch

Dogs who constantly scratch or bite one spot could benefit from this ACV remedy. Use a spray bottle or sponge to apply Apple Cider Vinegar to the spot twice a day. Dilute it with ½ water if you are treating an open wound. It will help stop the itching and scratching.

Dr Oz: I4U Glasses Review

Finally, Dr Oz shared a product he discovered while on vacation. I4U Glasses are portable reading lenses that fit almost anyone. They’re small, so they’re portable for travel. Dr Oz said he now uses them every day. Check them out if you’re looking for an alternative to Drugstore Reading Glasses.


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