Dr Oz: Horsetail Extract, Butcher’s Broom & Sandalwood Oil


Dr Oz Natural Remedies

When you’re done with your Budget Detox & 24 Hour Energy Boost, you may still have a few nagging common health issues you’d like to clear up. That’s why Dr Oz featured some herbal remedies & natural products on his show that can help cure common ailments and complaints.

Dr Oz: Rose Water & Glycerin for Cracked Feet

Audience member Ginny shared her unappealing (and probably painful) cracked feet to Dr Oz and the rest of America. She said her experiences with lotions and pumice stones haven’t gotten good results so far.


According to Doctor Oz, Cracked Feet could indicate inflammation as well as poor circulation. He recommended that Ginny check with her own doctor to see if there are any other underlying health problems she needs to be concerned about.

Dr Oz: Cracked Feet

Dr Oz shared natural solutions for Cracked Feet and other common health complaints.

In treating cracked feet, he said that Rose Water and Glycerin are useful. First, mix three parts water and one part Rose Water & Glycerin, using this to massage the feet. The best time to apply it is at night, after a shower, when it can stay on overnight. (You’ll probably want to wear socks to bed.)


It’s recommended that you try this two to three nights a week for at least two weeks.

Dr Oz: Sandalwood Oil for Razor Burn

Razor Burn can be extremely painful. But Dr Oz had a natural remedy for this as well .He said you can relieve the irritation using a small amount of Sandalwood Oil, massaged directly into the skin. This also works as an antiseptic and reduces the chance of infection. You can actually apply it before shaving for maximum benefit in your underarm or bikini areas.

Dr Oz: Horsetail Extract for Brittle Nails

Dr Oz’s guest, Terri Trespicio, said people with Brittle Nails should skip acrylic nails from the manicurist, because they’ll only aggravate this condition. Instead, she said you can try Horsetail Extract, which is available as a supplement or in a tea. Drink one cup of the tea to get the benefits of Silica, which naturally strengthens the nails.

Dr Oz: Butcher’s Broom Extract Varicose Veins Remedy

Pregnancy can be a major cause of Varicose Veins. Look for Butcher’s Broom Extract, which constricts the blood vessels to help make them less prominent. Just mix a few drops of this in with your moisturizer.

Then apply it directly to the veins, letting it sit on the skin for a few minutes. Do the applications twice a day, and you should notice results within a couple weeks.

Read more about Varicose Vein Treatment.


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