Dr Oz Holistic Cure to Reverse Yo-Yo Dieting Damage & High Cholesterol


Dr Oz: Holistically Reverse the Effects Of Yo-Yo Dieting

Dr. Oz may be a doctor who practices traditional medicine but he also believes in the healing powers of holistic medicines, so he is devoting today’s show to sharing his favorite holistic cures for the body. The first holistic cure he shared is one for health problems associated with yo-yo dieting.

A lot of people have done yo-yo dieting and they probably didn’t realize that kind of dieting is very bad for their heart. Natasha Turner, a naturopathic doctor, said yo-yo dieting is very bad for your arteries and your cholesterol. One study has even shown people who have been on several different diets are five times more likely to suffer a heart attack than someone who has been on only one diet.


Dr Oz Holistic Cure to Reverse Yo-Yo Dieting Damage & High Cholesterol

Dr. Oz went over a holistic cure to reverse the damage done by yo-yo dieting, the extract needed to rebuild a damaged liver and a way to curb sugar cravings.

While all that might sound terrifying for anyone who has yo-yo dieted, Dr. Oz had a holistic cure to improve your cholesterol numbers and keep you from having a heart attack.

Brewer’s YeastDr. Oz said this super food is excellent for your health because it is high in B vitamins and a great source of chromium which helps lower blood sugar levels. Try sprinkling a tablespoon of brewer’s yeast on your food everyday.


Milk Thistle Extract Repairs, Rebuilds Damaged Liver From Alcohol

A lot of people drink alcohol and a lot of people are worried about the effects alcohol could have on their body. One woman wanted to know how alcohol could affect her liver.

Turner said it has been suggested that women should only drink four four ounce glasses of alcohol per week but not all of those can be consumed in the same night. She said binging on alcohol is what causes the most damage to the liver. Good thing she had a holistic remedy to treat liver damage.

Milk Thistle Extract: Dr. Oz said this is a powerful antioxidant that can actually repair and rebuild your liver. Just add 30 drops of the extract to a glass of water everyday.

Holistic Cure To Curb Sweet Tooth Cravings

Dr. Oz is always getting questions about how to cut back on sugar intake and today he has the answer for fixing the damage sugar may have caused in the body. He said his biggest concern for someone who eats too much sugar is the inflammation it causes. He knows not everyone is going to give up sugar for good so he shared his holistic cure to clam your sweet tooth. He said the key is to include anti-inflammatory foods in every meal to curb those cravings.

Try adding the following foods to your daily diet:

  • Breakfast: Add seven walnuts
  • Lunch: Eat celery sticks
  • Dinner: Add fresh garlic


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