Dr Oz Headache Relief: Cluster Headache Symptoms & Migraine Remedies


Dr Oz: Headache Quiz

Do you suffer from frequent headaches that you can’t seem to control? It may have to do with the reality that not all headaches are created equal. That’s why the show featured a Dr Oz Headache Relief Quiz to help you figure out what types of headaches you are having and how to treat them more effectively. Take the quiz and use your score to get relief at last.

Dr Oz Headache Relief Quiz


Where do your headaches most often occur?

  • A. Forehead, back of head, neck
  • B. One side of the head
  • C. Behind one eye or on one side of face

Dr Oz Headache Relief: Cluster Headache Symptoms & Migraine Remedies

The Dr Oz Headache Relief quiz can help you pinpoint the type of headache you are having based on your symptoms and the most effective means of treatment.


How would you describe the pain of your headache?

  • A. Consistent tightening
  • B. Throbbing
  • C. Intense pain


How long do your headaches typically last?

  • A. Two to six hours
  • B. Up to three days
  • C. 30 minutes to one hour

Dr Oz Headache Relief Quiz Scoring Results

Here is what your score results reveal about your headaches.

  • As – Tension Headaches
  • Bs – Migraine Headaches
  • Cs – Cluster Headaches

Dr Oz Headache Relief: Types of Headaches

The different types of headaches each respond best to differing treatments. The one size fits all approach won’t get you relief if you are using the wrong course of action.

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