Dr Oz Guna Sleep Review for Insomnia & Rescue Remedy Review for Stress


Dr Oz: Homeopathic Remedy For Stress

Everyone should know Dr. Oz’s Homeopathic Starter Kit now, which includes remedies for chest coughs, the flu and more. But Dr. Oz has more homeopathic remedies on the way, from remedies for relieving stress to ending your insomnia.

Dr Oz: Conventional Doctors Using Homeopathic Medicine More

Most conventional doctors do not use homeopathic remedies because most of them have not been educated on the topic. Dr. Oz said this is changing though. More and more doctors are learning how to incorporate homeopathic remedies with their conventional medicines. He brought on three of these doctors to go over their own favorite homeopathic remedies.


Dr Oz: Guna Sleep – Homeopathic Remedy For Insomnia

Dr. Scott Stall, a pain management specialist, told Dr. Oz while seeing a lot of patients who suffer from a lot of a pain, he has found that they also have a difficult time sleeping. He has been looking for something that was not drug based but could help his patients get a good night’s sleep. After extensive research he came across Guna Sleep, a botanical homeopathic remedy that can help people get off their prescription sleeping pills. Dr. Stall said this process takes about one to two weeks, but a patient will be able to sleep better without the medication.

  • Take 20 minutes before going to bed
  • Take 20 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water

    Dr Oz Guna Sleep Review for Insomnia & Rescue Remedy Review for Stress

    Dr. Oz went over how Guna Sleep can help with insomnia, Rescue Remedy helps with stress relief, Arnica can help with bruising and Biopuncture helps with pain.

Dr Oz: Arnica – Homeopathic Remedy For Bruising.

Dr. Albert Levy, a family physician, said that he uses several homeopathic remedies in his medical practice and his favorite is Arnica. Dr. Levy told Dr. Oz he uses Arnica as a homeopathic remedy to speed up the recovery time of his patients, especially those who are healing after a surgery.

  • Take 5 pellets an hour
  • Rub on cream 2-3 times a day

Dr Oz: Homeopathic Remedy For Pain Biopuncture

Dr. Karlene Chinquee, a preventative medicine specialist, shared her favorite homeopathic remedy for treating pain. She recommended a remedy called Biopuncture. Biopuncture is an injection treatment for people who are experiencing pain in various parts of their body. She demonstrated on an audience member that received this treatment before but was still suffering from shoulder pain.


Dr. Chinquee explained Biopuncture works to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing process while improving mobility. It takes about three to six sessions to feel the most relief.

Dr Oz: Rescue Remedy Reduces Stress

There is no way around stress. Everyone is going to feel it at one point in their life. Dr. Oz said the number one homeopathic remedy for fighting stress is called Rescue Remedy. Rescue Remedy is a unique combination of flowers, that when combined, offer stress relief in everyone from children to adults. Lisa Samet, a naturopathic doctor, said she will recommend Rescue Remedy to many of her patients. From people who get stressed at work to people who get stressed during traffic jams to someone who is nervous for a test, Samet said it will work to calm everyone under some stress.

Dr Oz: Apple Cider Vinegar Uses

Earlier in the show, Dr. Oz and Dr. Alejandro Junger talked about apple cider vinegar as part of Dr. Junger’s detox cleanse and Dr. Oz’s viewers had some other great ways to use the product.

One woman shared that she uses it to treat her dog’s hot spots that cause itching. She explained that she sprays a little on the area few times a day and it reduces the irritation and itching for her pet.

Another family added some apple cider vinegar to a spray bottle with some water and use it in the bathroom as a disinfectant.



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