Dr Oz: Guilt Free Day Off Prescription – Take The Day Off


Dr Oz: Guilt Free Day Off Prescription - Take The Day Off

Dr. Oz writes a prescription for the audience to get them a much needed day off work.

Dr. Oz: Lynn Feels Guilty

Dr. Oz talked to Lynn, a young women who he got off work for the day, who said she was feeling kind of guilty but was loving her day. The mother of two, who also works a full time job and volunteers at her children’s school, said she spent her day off going to lunch, reading a novel she wanted to read and spending time by herself with no one else distracting her. She said it was a great day, and Dr. Oz agreed that spending time alone can reduce stress and make you feel better.


Dr. Oz: Take the Day Off

Dr. Oz said he wants people to take a day off work, once every two months. He said it is a good idea to unwind sometimes and taking off work, and not feeling guilty about it, can lead a person to be much healthier.

Dr Oz: Guilt Free Day Off Prescription

Dr. Oz even gave a prescription, you can print out on his website, that asks your employer to give you the day off. The prescription reads as follows:

To whom it may concern:


I’m writing on behalf of ________ to kindly ask for one day off. Even though it may seem impossible or impractical, it is critically important for good health. A day off helps recharge and refocus the body and the mind. Below you will find some of the health benefits that are associated with time off.

Some of the benefits of taking a day off may include:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower risk of heart disease
  • Boosted memory, concentration and mood
  • Enhanced immunity


Thank you for valuing the health of your employee/friend/loved one!


Dr. Mehmet Oz

How can your boss say no to a prescription like that signed by Dr. Oz? Prescriptions for the day off can be downloaded at Dr. Oz’s website.


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