Dr Oz: Gin & Tonic Gastritis Remedy + Cranberry Green Tea Review


Dr Oz: What’s the Burning Pain in Your Belly?

Do you sometimes have a feeling of burning in your belly? Dr Oz showed what causes this and how you can extinguish it, with some help from his Assistant of the Day. Here’s what you need to know about Gastritis. Also, mix up Dr Oz’s Gin & Tonic Gastritis remedy.

Madeline donned a purple lab coat to talk about stomach burning, which she sometimes has when she wakes up. According to Dr Oz, the stomach can become irritated while you are sleeping. He showed her a human stomach suffering from gastritis, where acid has burned the organ.


Dr Oz: What Causes Gastritis?

Dr Oz: Gin & Tonic Gastritis Remedy + Cranberry Green Tea Review

Is your stomach on fire? Dr Oz prescribed liquor over red wine, recommending a Gin & Tonic Gastritis remedy with anti-inflammatory ginger and mint.

Have you been able to figure out the things that make your stomach worse? Dr Oz said that everyday Stress should not cause Gastritis. Surprisingly, Spicy Foods do not lead to Gastritis, though they can make it worse if you already have the condition.

Coffee and Alcohol are two factors that can cause you to develop Gastritis. What happens? There is a gel-like material that coats the inside of the stomach to prevent acid from burning it. However, it can sometimes wear away due to trigger foods.


Over time, the stomach can get weaker, and you can literally burn through your stomach, making a hole that can grow quite large. This can be a dangerous condition for your health.

Dr Oz: Gin & Tonic Gastritis Remedy

What can you do? Dr Oz said you can make informed decisions. He said that red wine is the most acidic option among alcohols. Instead, consider liquor, which is the least acidic.

Try making a cocktail like Gin and Tonic, adding some ingredients such as Ginger or Mint that can help to ease your symptoms and reduce inflammation. If you don’t like Gin, try it with Vodka.

Dr Oz: Cranberry Green Tea Review

Instead of coffee each morning, Dr Oz suggested trying a Cranberry Green Tea, which has less caffeine but can give you energy. Cranberry will also help to lessen the symptoms of Gastritis.


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