Dr Oz: Foods That Cause Bloating & the Wind Relieving Pose for Bloat

Dr Oz: Wind Relieving Pose

Dr. Oz wanted to give a hand to all the women who have been feeling the pressures (literally) from belly bloat. He went over the types of bloating women will normally feel and instructed them to take probiotics for belly bloat. But he also has a few more solutions. And the first is the wind relief pose.

The pose, which does just what it sounds like it does, is performed by laying on the back, bringing one knee towards the chest, letting the body relax and waiting for the wind to come out. He said to do it on both sides of the body, try deep breathing and a little rocking to get the gases moving.

Dr Oz: Child’s Pose for Bloating

Dr Oz: Foods That Cause Bloating & the Wind Relieving Pose for Bloat

Dr. Oz goes over two poses to help with bloating, the wind relieving pose & the child’s pose, & goes over the foods that will causing bloating in the body.

Just like the wind relieving pose, the child’s pose will help pass some of the gas out of a bloated belly. To perform this pose, Dr. Oz said to get on you knees by sitting on the shins and put the head towards the ground. It will also work better if your knees are at an outward angle. He said this will open the rectal area and everything should start moving around in about 30 seconds.

Dr Oz: Food That Make You Feel Bloated

Dr. Oz headed into the audience to see what kinds of foods make the audience get belly bloat.

Danielle said she will get belly bloat from broccoli and potatoes. She said right after she eats them, she can feel the bloat start to happen. Dr. Oz advised any time healthy foods are making you feel belly bloat, keep eating the food and make it a part of your diet. The body will get used to the food and the belly bloat will stop.

Dr Oz: Soda & Artificial Sweeteners Bloating

Sharon said soda will give her belly bloat, as well as cucumbers. Dr. Oz told her to cut the artificial sweeteners out the diet and she should stop feeling the belly bloat.

Another woman said she will get belly bloat from cabbage. Dr. Oz told her to make it a regular part of her diet and she should stop feeling the belly bloat.

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