Dr Oz: Feverfew Migraine Review & Castor Oil Back Pain Remedy


Dr Oz: Back Pain & Migraines

Chronic pain is something that affects millions every day. But how do you deal with what’s bothering you? Dr Oz said the biggest complaint he hears from patients and viewers has to do with back pain. He talked about common pain complaints and offered solutions, including alternative medicine options, for back pain and migraines. Find out how Feverfew Migraine and Castor Oil can help with chronic pain.

According to Dr Oz, more people complain about pain than Cholesterol and Diabetes combined. But he believes that no one should have to suffer anymore. He shared some pain remedies he hoped would make a difference.


Dr Oz: Feverfew Migraine Remedy

Are Migraines keeping you on the sidelines? Dr Oz featured alternative therapies for Chronic Pain, including Feverfew migraine remedy.

Dr Oz connected with a woman from the audience who complained that her mother is a major source of pain in her life. She said that she often struggles with Migraines, and when she comes down with one, she heads straight home and gets in bed until the symptoms go away.

Dr Oz: Feverfew Migraine Review: Chronic Headache Remedy

Dr Oz and the woman gloved up to look at the brain and talk about what triggers Migraines. The woman felt a human brain, which she said was rough and hard to the touch. Dr Oz peeled back the outer layer and revealed the nerves below. He said that the best thing to do for Migraines is get to the root cause of the pain.


He recommended 125 mg Feverfew per day for Migraines. If you feel one coming on, take it as soon as the pain hits for maximum relief. Has anyone tried this product? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

Dr Oz: Castor Oil Review: Back Pain Remedy

To talk about remedies for back pain, Dr Oz first brought a giant spine model on stage. He talked with a woman from his audience whose retail job kept her on her feet for eight to nine hours every day. She said she often has back pain by the end of her shift.

Dr Oz showed on his spine model that there are discs built in, meant to cushion the spine and allow it to bend. But they can move around and slip out of place or become injured. When this happens, the inflammatory fluid inside the disc will seep out and irritate the surrounding area, radiating pain throughout the spine.

For this problem, Dr Oz suggested Castor Oil. He said you can apply it directly to the skin and seal it in with plastic wrap. Then put a heating pad over the area for about half an hour.

Do you think you would try one of these remedies the next time your migraines or back pain flare up?


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