Dr Oz: Fenugreek Supplements for the Chakra Diet & 5 Tibetan Rites


Dr Oz: Chakra Diet

In the ongoing quest for better health, Dr Oz turned his focus to the world of alternative medicine. For thousands of years, monks have been holding fast to their traditions, and The Chakra Diet is designed to capitalize on their time tested habits, such as diet, meditation, and yoga. Though these practices have been around for centuries, they’ve only recently become popular in the Western world.

Pamela Lancaster is an expert in Tibetan Healing, and she shared some of the monks’ Tibetan secrets that could help you stay healthy and find more energy. She said one of the most important aspects of our health is the mind.


Dr Oz: Tibetan Rites

Pamela Lancaster taught Dr Oz five time tested Tibetan Rites to target health and wellness.

Seven Chakras run through the body, from the base of the spine to the head. These help monks guide their healing and health rituals. The Chakras are tuned into the world and absorb our environment into the body.

“If you’re stuck in one of your Chakras, you develop health issues,” she explained. Dr Oz specializes in the fourth Chakra, which represents the heart. Pam shared some of her secrets pertaining to all seven Chakras.


Dr Oz: Chakra Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy can help to bring vibrations into the body’s Chakras. Dr Oz solicited an audience member to demonstrate this technique, lying onstage with seven bowls, one representing each Chakra, precisely placed around.

The Chakras pick up on vibrations, and as notes are being played, they can actually force your Chakras to let go of negative energy. Dr Oz demonstrated it on himself by placing one of the bowls on his head and another in his lap. Then he gently tapped both bowls to create soothing vibrations.

Pamela said you have to choose a bowl that fits your head, and they are sold in specialty stores. Dr Oz reported that he felt the vibrations internally.

If you can’t find or don’t want to buy bowls, try humming to bring the vibrations in. When you are stressed, try humming for a full minute. You could also hum along to a special CD designed for this purpose.

Dr Oz: Fenugreek Supplement Acid Reflux Remedy

Fenugreek is a supplement you can use to open up the Chakras. It’s available as a tea or in an oral supplement form. It helps the body promote healthy digestion and prevent acid reflux, and Dr Oz called its flavor “distinct.” It’s an ingredient found in maple syrup, and you can also grind its seeds and mix them in a curry. The suggested dosage is 1000 mg daily, before a meal.

Doctor Oz’s Five Tibetan Rites Revealed

Next, Pamela revealed five Tibetan rites that she believes can change your life. She said that some folks are skeptical about them, but Dr Oz said he thinks they can be useful health practices. It should be noted that, though these are Tibetan rites, not all monks perform them.

Tibetan Rite: The Spin

The Spin is supposed to open our emotional bodies. It’s something children do instinctively. Sit on the floor and stick out your hands, palms facing down. Spin to the right, starting slowly. Dr Oz said you can make it easier by focusing on a point to help you count your spins. Eventually, the goal is to be able to do 21 spins, but Dr Oz and Pamela said you should work up to that at your own pace.

Tibetan Rite: Leg Raises

Breathing is important to all these rituals. Lie on your back, and inhale as you lift both legs up. Exhale as you bring the legs back down.

Tibetan Rite: The Kneeling Camel

This practice will stretch your torso and Solar Plexus. Bring the chin to the chest, inhale and recline. Exhale as you return to the starting position.

Tibetan Rite: The Table

The Table targets the second Chakra. With hands on hips, bring your body up and tilt your head back. Squeeze your whole body as you would an orange.

Tibetan Rite: Downward & Upward Dog

Yoga enthusiasts (and dogs) know these positions well. Lie on your stomach. Using your hands for support, push your body and back into an arc position. Lean forward as you inhale. Then exhale and return to the downward arc.


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