Dr Oz: Fake Smile Vs Real Smile, Antidepressant Diet & Yawning Causes


Dr Oz: Diet, Routine & Happiness

Dr Oz talked with sociologist Christine Carter about the things that make us happy and the happiness boosters we can incorporate to improve our quality of life. Check out why a fake smile is better than no smile at all and what yawning does to your brain.

Dr Oz: Happiness Booster Body Recharge

According to Christine Carter, the mind and body are both components of the happiness equation. Even if you can’t clear away the mental stress that is bogging you down, sometimes making physical changes that affect the nervous system can give you a body recharge that results in a happiness booster. Find out how.


Dr Oz: Fake Smile Vs Real Smile, Antidepressant Diet & Yawning Causes

Dr Oz explained how a fake smile, an antidepressant diet, and even the act of yawning can help improve your mood and act as natural happiness boosters.

Dr Oz: Fake Smile Vs Real Smile

Have you ever thought about how your facial expression affects your mood? Did you know it can signal the body’s nervous system? According to Carter, biting a pencil using your back teeth can fire the muscles that cause smiles. Doing this for just a minute can lower your heart rate and make you happier.

Dr Oz: Sunlight Exposure & Mood

A lack of natural light or a dark environment at work or home can keep you feeling down and sad. Just getting out in the sunlight for about 10 minutes can cause a chemical reaction in the body. Taking a 10-minute walk at the start of your day can make you more energized and boost your mood.


Dr Oz: Antidepressant Diet

You are what you eat. That seems like the lesson we learn with regularity from Dr Oz and his guests. This time, Christine Carter said that healthy fats can act as antidepressants in the body. Those include Omega-3s, such as snapper, shrimp, and salmon, so smile and pull up a fork.

Dr Oz: Yawning Happiness Booster

We are taught to think that yawning is rude, but did you know it has a purpose? It is supposed to cool off the brain. As for the idea that yawning is contagious, that’s true, but the cause is actually empathy, or social awareness.

Even simply looking at a picture of someone yawning can cause you to yawn yourself. That’s OK, because this can improve your concentration and memory, as well as giving you a tiny mood boost. Yawn away! (But you still probably shouldn’t do it in class.)


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