Dr Oz: Estroven Nighttime, Nature Made Sleep Aid & 5HTP Review


Dr Oz: Sleep Remedies

More than 50 million Americans aren’t getting the sleep they need. You might be one of them, and there’s no magic bullet that can help you conquer this problem. But there are different options you can try.

One classic tip for sleeping better is exercise, and Brett Hoebel showed Dr Oz his 5 Minute Flat Belly Workout, along with the Flat Belly Diet Plan.


Dr Oz Sleeping Pills

Skip the prescription sleeping pills and try these natural alternatives instead.

Dr Carol Ash is an Anesthesiologist and Sleep Expert who shared some natural solutions and Sleep Products. If you want to sleep deeper and better, this plan could help you.

Dr Oz: Sleeping Pill Dangers

Dr Ash said that women sometimes have a harder time sleeping due to lifestyle changes. She added that there is an epidemic of sleeping pill abuse these days, with over 60 million prescriptions for sleeping pills written just last year. (60 million prescriptions for 50 million people? Suspicious.)


The problem with sleeping pills is that they have side effects (like sleep eating and sleep driving!), and they’re also habit forming. She advised that you shouldn’t rely on them more than a few times a week, and not for longer than six weeks at a time.

Dr Oz: Nature Made Sleep Aid Review

If you can’t fall asleep, Dr Ash has a natural remedy for you. In the audience, Raquel complained that it sometimes takes her more than an hour to get to sleep at night. Her mind races and she thinks about everything imaginable (I feel you, Raquel).

Nature Made Sleep Aid is made from Passion Flower Extract, which has natural relaxation properties. It also has Melatonin to regulate your sleep cycles.

Dr Oz: Calcium & Magnesium Pill Combination

Lindsey said her trouble is staying asleep through the night. Dr Oz said this can be a side effect of drinking alcohol late at night. Though it might help you fall asleep, it will wear off and you’ll be wide awake.

Instead of hitting the bottle at bedtime, try a Calcium Magnesium combination. Take 400 mg of Magnesium with 600 mg of Calcium and you should be able to sleep better all night long.

Dr Oz: Estroven Nighttime Review

Audience member Erin’s problem is hot flashes, which keep her awake at night. She’s tried reducing the layers she wears to bed, but she’s still not having any luck.

Estroven Nighttime can stabilize your body’s estrogen levels to keep those hot flashes in check so you can rest.

Dr Oz: 5HTP & Baby Aspirin Sleep Solution

Ashley said she is always uncomfortable in bed at night. The remedy for this, according to Dr Oz & Dr Ash, is a combination of 5HTP and Baby Aspirin, to manage the mild pain. Try taking 500 mg of 5HTP and two Baby Aspirin, about two hours before going to bed.


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