Dr Oz: Eggplant Age Spot Fader, Algaecal & Hawthorn Supplements


Doctor Oz: Anti-Aging Beauty Supplements

Ready to turn back the clock on signs of aging? You’re not alone. Check out the supplements from around the world featured by Dr Oz that can help you look younger and feel more beautiful, inside and out.

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Dr Oz: Vinpocetine Supplements Review

Dr Oz: Eggplant for Age Spots

Eggplant is a nutritious vegetable, and it can also help you reduce the effects and appearance of age spots.

Vinpocetine is derived from the periwinkle plant and comes from Madagascar. This plant can actually help you stave off the dreaded effects of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Vinpocetine also works to prevent memory loss and fight dementia by ensuring and increasing proper blood flow to your brain. That can help you keep your memory sharp. Recommended dosage is 10 mg three times a day.


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Dr Oz: Hawthorn Supplements Review

Hawthorn is derived from Mediterranean berries and has been a popular remedy in other parts of the world for many years. The extract is created using berries that are in the rose family of plants.

These leaves, berries, and flowers are rich in Flavonoids, and those can be used to lower blood pressure and turn around bad Cholesterol. The dosage for this supplement is 150 mg three times a day.

Dr Oz: AlgaeCal Supplements Review

Did you know that frailty is the biggest reason that people die at young ages? That means it’s important to keep your bones strong.

Dr Oz shared AlgaeCal supplements, derived from a South African marine life plant. These supplements are high in calcium and make it easy for the body to absorb their nutrients.

Some studies have found increased bone density among patients taking these supplements after just six months. The dosage for this is also one capsule three times per day.

Dr Oz: Kiwi Remedy – Eye Circles

For a few more beauty and health tips, Dr. Oz shared some remedies using natural food ingredients. First up was Kiwi, and he said you should eat one per day. The Vitamin C will keep your immune system in shape.

You can also place Kiwi slices on your eyes; just 15 minutes will allow the fruit’s Vitamin K to take care of your dark circles and puffiness.

Dr Oz: Eggplant Remedy – Age Spots

Eggplant has that recognizable purple skin which is full of antioxidants that protect the heart. Dr Oz said you should always leave the skin on Eggplant when you’re eating it, so you can get all the vegetable’s nutrients.

But you can also use it to fight your body’s age spots. Just blend a cup of Eggplant with ½ cup of Yogurt. Let it sit on your face for 20 minutes, and then wash it off.

Dr Oz: Red Chili Pepper Remedy – Heart Disease

Lastly, Dr Oz mentioned the benefits of Red Chili Pepper in fighting Heart Disease. Raw Red Chilis are great for spicing up a salad.

But you can also use them to make a hair serum. Just mix Cayenne Pepper with water. Then put it in your hair to stimulate growth and thickness.


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