Dr Oz: Eczema Remedy & Ingrown Toenail Band-Aid Therapy


Dr Oz Skin Remedies

Whether your health problems are internal or external, Dr Oz attempted to tackle them all, from A To Z. To help answer questions about common skin conditions and problems, he invited Dr. Doris Day, a dermatologist, to share her solutions and remedies.

Dr Oz: Eczema Baking Soda Bath

Dr Oz: Dermatology Remedies

If you have eczema, Dr Oz said to take a baking soda bath.


Eczema is excessively dry skin, and it’s a common condition that can escalate with rash-like or red skin. You can try to treat your itchy skin by adding ½ cup of Baking Soda to your warm bath water. Be sure to soak for at least half an hour, to let the soothing Baking Soda do its work on your skin.

Dr Oz: Fever Solutions

If you’re struggling to overcome a fever, you can try Vitamin C in beverages like Orange Juice or Cranberry Juice. This helps regulate your body’s symptoms and keeps you from becoming dehydrated.

Doctor Oz: Skin Tags

A Skin Tag is often genetic, and it’s a usually benign growth found in the neck or groin area. Nicole was in the audience, and she admitted to suffering from Skin Tags on the back of her neck. She said that touching them makes her nuts.


Dr. Doris Day said that Skin Tags can range in size from a Sunflower Seed to the size of a Fig. Jewelry can irritate them as well if they are around the neck. If hair starts to grow out of your Skin Tag, that’s evidence it has been there awhile. The good news about this gross development is that hair growth usually indicates that your Skin Tag is benign.

Dr Oz: Skin Tag Remedy

Dr Day recommended that you see a doctor to have these Skin Tags professionally removed, rather than trying to take care of them yourself. The medical procedure involves numbing the area and using surgical scissors to remove the tag.

Then your treating medical professional would burn the area to prevent a tag from coming back. Nicole agreed to have her Skin Tag removed on TV, and she said it was a totally painless procedure.

Dr Oz: Hives Remedies

Hives are red skin patches that become raised when Histamines are present in the body. Though many triggers can cause them, they are often caused by allergies. The body’s immune response to the presence of allergens is to release Histamine.

When this gets into your skin, it can dilate blood vessels and create Hives, which are a form of Hypersensitivity, according to Dr. Day. It’s just the body’s natural reaction to a stimulus such as a virus or cold.

The best thing to treat Hives is an over the counter Antihistamine, such as Allegra, Benadryl, Claritin or Zyrtec–the A to Z of antihistamines! While topical Cortisone cream won’t cure the hives, it can help reduce itching.

Dr Oz: Ingrown Toenail Remedies

Did you know that your Ingrown Toenails could be genetic? They are also caused by friction from shoes worn for high impact activities like running or dancing. A third possible cause is the way you are cutting your toenails, but there is no doubt that they are extremely painful.

Dr. Doris Day said the best way to cut your toenail is by going straight across. This prevents edges that can protrude into the skin. If you want to try a home remedy, soak your feet in Epsom Salt.

Doctor Oz: Band-Aid Remedy for Ingrown Toenails

Another solution is the Band-Aid Remedy, which involves putting a Band-Aid on backwards, causing the nail to pull away from the bed. Be sure to secure the bandage tightly so the nail grows over the skin.


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