Dr Oz: DIY Hot Flash Spray, Trail Mix Recipe & Black Cohosh Review


Dr Oz: Hot Flash Prescription

Many women suffer from hot flashes, and Dr Oz walked in their shoes by wearing a hot flash suit on his show. He explained that hot flashes can happen at any age, from your teens to your 70s. Get his Hot Flash Starter Kit with DIY Hot Flash Spray, wicking undershirts, and more.

Dr Oz: Hot Flashes Home Remedies

Dr Oz assembled a team of women struggling with hot flash symptoms. “Hot flashes are not just about menopause,” he explained. “Just feeling stressed or nervous can bring them on too.” Doctor Oz was surprised to learn about this.


What do you do when you get hot flashes? Here are some stories from Dr Oz viewers:

  • Tiffany’s hot flashes started after her pregnancy, and she carries frozen peas for instant relief
  • Courtney, a substitute teacher, said that stress causes her temperature to fluctuate
  • One woman said that she drove home naked because of her hot flashes
  • Another viewer sticks her head into the freezer
  • As a last resort, a woman stuck cold cucumbers under her arms

Dr Oz: Hot Flash Starter Kit

Doctor Oz said that hot flashes are caused when hormones begin to fluctuate before they reach the thermostat in your brain. A hot flash can come on suddenly and be unbearable. But they can go away just as quickly.

Dr Oz: DIY Hot Flash Spray, Trail Mix Recipe & Black Cohosh Review

Dr Oz’s Hot Flash Starter Kit shared natural remedies and products that can help you get immediate and long-term relief, including his DIY Hot Flash Spray.


He assembled some Hot Flash Starter Kit items that women can rely on to be prepared for Hot Flashes. Dr Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, an OB/GYN, said it is embarrassing to get hot flashes at an inopportune time. But there are some things you can do for treatment or prevention.

Dr Oz: Hot Flash Wipes Review

When heat strikes, Dr Gilberg-Lenz recommended a Hot Flash Cooling Cloth, which you can directly apply to your skin with cooling moisture. It will continue to cool you down as the moisture evaporates.

Dr Oz: DIY Hot Flash Spray Remedy

You can also make your own DIY Hot Flash Spray. Mix four ounces of distilled water with about five drops of organic Peppermint Oil. The aromatherapy will also help to calm you down when you are having a stress-induced Hot Flash.

Dr Oz: Wicking or Cooling Layering Tank Review

Try wearing a wicking undershirt. These clothes are used for workouts because they pull moisture away from the skin, helping you cool down. You could wear these under any outfit.

Dr Oz: Hot Flash Trail Mix Recipe

The wipes, spray, and tank are good in the moment, but the Hot Flash Trail Mix Recipe will get you long-term results. Dr Gilberg-Lenz added that it’s a great, nutritious snack as well. Combine these ingredients:

  • Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Almonds
  • Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds and almonds are rich in Vitamin E, which are proven to reduce hot flash symptoms over a period of time. Tropical fruits like mango and pineapple can decrease the frequency at which your hot flashes occur.

It’s recommended that you eat a snack-size portion of this trail mix each day.

Dr Oz: Black Cohosh Review

Doctor Oz said that the Black Cohosh supplement can make a big difference for women with hot flashes. The suggested dosage is 40 mg, twice per day. Dr Gilbert-Lenz suggested that you check in with your own doctor about this solution. It could take three to four weeks for a patient to start seeing results.

Do you think any of these hot flash remedies will work for you?


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