Dr Oz: Digestive Tract Detox Recipe, Oil Pulling & Dandelion Greens


Dr Oz: 3 Ways To Detox Your Body In Under An Hour

Do you want to detox your body in a hurry? Dr Oz’s Express Detox can help you clean up your act in about an hour. Try the Digestive Tract Detox, eat Dandelion Greens for your Liver, and do the Oil Pulling Mouth Detox. Viewer Roseanne was on hand to help out, and so was Dr Kulreet Chaudhary, who had three methods that can help you refresh and recharge your body.

Dr Oz: Digestive Tract Detox Recipe

This Digestive Tract Detox remedy provides instant heat, and it could be a little much if you already have a high metabolism. It is great before dinner, because that’s the time of day when your metabolism is lowest.


“It’s an exotic taste, but I don’t think you’d be as hungry after this,” Dr Oz said.


Dr Oz: Digestive Tract Detox Recipe, Oil Pulling & Dandelion Greens

Dr Oz’s Digestive Tract Detox Recipe is one of three remedies that can detoxify your body in about an hour, along with Oil Pulling and Dandelion Greens.

  • 1/2 cup fresh Lemon Juice
  • fresh Ginger in 1” slices
  • 1/2 tsp Sea Salt


  1. Combine the ingredients and let them soak together for about 24 hours.
  2. Store them in a jar and keep them handy.
  3. Eat one or two pieces of this soaked ginger before you have a meal.
  4. This increases your digestive fire and flushes out old toxins.

Dr Oz: Dandelion Greens Liver Detox

We need our livers, and they work hard to detoxify us and keep the blood and other organs healthy and in working order. You may have dandelion greens growing in your yard. Did you know they are a natural diuretic to pull toxins out of blood and ease stress on the liver?


Eat one loose handful of greens with dinner. Saute it or steam it as a side dish, or throw it in a salad.

Dr Oz: Oil Pulling Mouth Detox

Roseanne was back to demonstrate Oil Pulling, a mouth detox solution. This is an ancient practice that helps naturally concentrate toxins in the salivary glands. Use Sesame Oil to trap toxins from your saliva and eliminate them.

Sip a tablespoon of Sesame Oil in the morning and swish it for 10 minutes before brushing your teeth. Dr Chaudhary said it has been proven to reduce effects of Gingivitis, as well as remove tartar and prevent bad breath.

However, its benefits extend beyond simply the mouth. Do you think you could try this technique? If you do, be sure to get it in between your teeth. The clear oil will become white and foamy, showing you that you are successfully pulling toxins out of your mouth.


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