Dr Oz: Crystal Sonic Therapy Reduces Stress & Manages Severe Migraines


Dr Oz: What Is Crystal Sonic Therapy?

The key to relaxing at work could be as simple as a few minutes listening to gong-like sounds. Crystal Sonic Therapy is available online, for your relaxation listening pleasure. Some believe that these sounds could do the same pain and relaxation relief that prescription pills do. The sounds resonate with parts of your nervous centers. Researchers believe this could be a treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer, and depression.

The sounds are produced by binaural beats. Crystal bowls produce different sounds and frequencies. With headphones on, each ear will get different frequencies. The brain processes these and brings you just one perfect sound. This trains the brain to bring it to a relaxed level. Someone listening to Crystal Sonic Therapy has a high level of brain activity that then stimulates other parts of the brain.


Dr Oz: Crystal Sonic Therapy Reduces Stress & Manages Severe Migraines

Dr Oz tested out Crystal Sonic Therapy. Four out of four women found is useful for reducing cravings, improving sleep, relieving stress, and pain relief.

Dr Mitchell Gaynor: Crystal Sonic Therapy & Cancer

Dr Mitchell Gaynor is a supporter of Crystal Sonic Therapy and author of The Healing Power of Sound. He believes that this could benefit anyone by changing moods, ability to learn, and response to pain just with sound.

Dr Gaynor uses sound in his oncology practice. He said it’s a critical part of his treatments. He said the first visit to an oncologist’s office is very stressful, thinking about everything that must get done and learning about their diagnosis. He uses the meditation and Crystal Sonic Therapy for about 15 minutes at the end of his meetings. They say that it really relaxes them.


Inside the brain, neurotransmitters control mood. Drugs can control one neurotransmitter at a time, but this Crystal Sonic Therapy will work through more than one and have deeper relaxation effects. Dr Gaynor has seen his patients that are overly stressed beat cancer and feel more joy and peace in their lives.

Dr Gaynor played some of the beats and you do feel more relaxed. If you have a pair of headphones, all you need is the MP3 track!

Can Crystal Sonic Therapy Improve Your Stress?

Dr Oz had a viewer that was craving foods to fix stress. Dr Gaynor had her try binaural trinity. These contain binaural alpha waves, which improves awake relaxation. He said that people start having cravings because of stress, leading to higher cortisol levels. This will deepen your breathing and drop your cortisol. The viewer listened three times a day, for about 15 minutes. She said she wasn’t craving cookies and cakes anymore.

Can Crystal Sonic Therapy Improve Your Memory?

Melanie said she was having trouble with her memory. She would forget if she had locked the door, forget grocery lists and keys. Dr Gaynor prescribed gamma waves to help her brain wave patterns with vigilance and memory. She said she was able to slow down and her brain wasn’t rushing.

Crystal Sonic Therapy Helps Sleep

Joanie had an issue with sleep. She can’t fall asleep and feels tired. She used delta bliss to help relax her brain waves. These are prevalent in meditators and anesthesia. Dr Gaynor said it does help him and Joanie said it really relaxed her and gave her a good sleep.

Crystal Sonic Therapy Helps Manage Severe Migraines

Jane suffers from severe migraines. She gets them about twice a week and they are debilitating. Dr Gaynor said that Crystal Sonic Therapy can be used to manage pain. The harmonic symphony combines alpha and beta binaural beats. Jane said it did help with her migraines. Her day was calmer and slowed her day down.


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