Dr Oz Coffee Enema Strange Addiction & Meditation Natural Sleep Remedy


Dr Oz: FDA Guidelines for Sleeping Pills

Dr. Oz shared some scary facts from a study linking sleeping pills with cancer, especially in women. He also outlined the side effects of sleeping pills and went over the new FDA guidelines for taking sleeping pills.

Dr Oz: All Natural Sleep Method – Meditation

While sleep medication may be needed sometimes, Dr. Oz and sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus had some natural ways to help you get a good night’s sleep.


The best all natural way to get some sleep is through meditation, said Dr. Breus. He explained meditation can be a great sleep aid because it puts your muscles in a relaxed state and distracts you mind. One of the biggest complaints people have about not being to fall asleep is not having the ability to turn off their brains at night. With meditation, the brain is going to be focused on what is happening now without being distracted by anything else happening around you. Dr. Oz said he uses meditation to help him sleep each night, saying it helps to relax him and give him a good night’s sleep.

Dr Oz: My Strange Addiction Review

Dr Oz Coffee Enema Strange Addiction & Meditation Natural Sleep Remedy

Dr. Oz explained how meditation can help ween someone off sleeping pills and he tried to help a couple with a strange addiction to coffee enemas.

Dr. Oz told viewers he recently saw a woman on TV drinking her own urine and he wondered why such a thing would be on television, but became intrigued when he found out it was an addiction this woman had. He learned many other people are suffering from strange addictions that could be causing them harm, like many of the people on My Strange Addiction.


Dr. Mike Dow said these types of addictions are more common than one would think. He said these types of addictions are called process addictions because they are related to a certain behavior. Some of these addictions include shopping addictions, Facebook addictions, food addictions, but many us do not think of them as addictions because they are not associated with drugs or alcohol.

He said addictions can come in a many different forms. For example, a person who is spending 12 hours a day shopping and spending all their money on clothes has an addiction. Dr. Dow argued just because these types of addiction might not kill you as fast as a heroin addiction could, does not mean they are not unhealthy behaviors.

Dr Oz: Coffee Enema Addiction Causes Dehydration

One of the strangest addictions Dr. Oz learned about was a couple who does an excessive amount of coffee enemas every day. The couple said the process takes about 90 minutes and they do the enemas several times in one day, describing the feeling as a “high.” The couple told Dr. Oz they do the enemas because it is a great way to detoxify their bodies, but Dr. Oz was a bit worried about the effects the enemas could have on the couples long-term health.

He explained while a coffee enema might clean out the bowels, not all the coffee is released from the body. Some of the coffee is absorbed into the blood in an unhealthy way, which can lead to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.

Dr Oz: Addicts Should Not Quit Cold Turkey

Dr. Dow offered other alternatives for the couple addicted to coffee enemas such as drinking green tea or eating a high fiver diet, both of which will keep their bowels clean and their bodies healthy. He said quitting cold turkey is not recommended for any type of addiction, especially for this addiction because the couple is solely dependent on the coffee enema to have a bowel movement.

Dr. Oz said he would be pleased if the couple was able to focus on a healthy diet and assured them they would have regular bowel movements just by making those changes Dr. Dow suggested.



  1. billy says

    Butt chugging and coffee enemas? I am in the medical field and go ahead let them kill themselves and survival of the (least idiotic) prevail.
    Electrolyte Imbalances lead to cardiac arrythmias, same with dehydration, and they are now unable to have a Bowel movement without shoving something up their butts. Great example to your kids!! Lie on the floor with a tube up ur butt. There are other things u can do to “detox” these idots

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