Dr Oz: Coffee Enema Natural Alternatives, Dehydration & Sepsis Risk


Dr Oz: The Truth About Coffee Enemas

Do you want to lose weight and have more energy? Dr Oz said that the Coffee Enema is a hot trend, but are they safe? Hear concerns about dehydration and sepsis, as well as how other approaches could be effective.

Coffee Enemas first popped up in the late 1990s, and even Janet Jackson has talked about her love of them. The process is supposed to ease constipation and remove toxins from the body, helping you shed pounds and feel more energized.


Dr Oz: Why Do a Coffee Enema?

Dr Oz: Coffee Enema Natural Alternatives, Dehydration & Sepsis Risk

Want to try a Coffee Enema? Dr Oz shared some of the health risks associated with this energy and weight loss fad, as well as some natural alternatives.

Audience member Cassandra said that she began doing Coffee Enemas in response to diagnoses of Diabetes and Endometriosis. After doing independent research, she began doing Coffee Enemas, which she performs one to three times per day.

Another viewer, Lisa, said that she gets energy, mental clarity, and well-being from her twice-daily coffee enemas. She is able to retain the liquid throughout her morning routine, which she has perfected over the past eight years.


Dr Oz: Coffee Enema Dehydration & Sepsis Risk

A Coffee Enema could dehydrate you and cause havoc with your electrolytes. The enema can distend the rectum as you absorb the coffee into the body. Dr Oz said that this absorption confuses the kidneys and intestines, sometimes creating electrolyte shifts that can lead to irregular heartbeats, and there are deaths reportedly related to this practice.

What else do Coffee Enema users need to know? The users from Dr Oz’s audience said that they insert the enema catheter 18 inches or more inside the rectum. There, fluid stores for 10 minutes or longer. Dr Oz said that you could also accidentally tear your intestinal wall, leaving an opportunity for bacterial infection such as Sepsis.

Dr Oz: Coffee Enema Alternatives

Dr Oz said there are many alternatives that he thinks are safer to get the benefits of a Coffee Enema. First is coffee itself, which he said most of us do not drink the right way.

To get the biggest energy boost from coffee, Dr Oz said that you should drink six 1/4 cups of a light roast Coffee each day, sipping about once an hour to prolong the effects.

Papaya is a natural laxative that contains the papain enzyme, which could help to keep you regular, he said. The women who love their coffee enemas did not seem impressed with Dr Ozs alternatives. What do you think about coffee enemas? Would you ever try one?



  1. Cincygirl1 says

    18 inches?!? That’s so incorrect! An enema tip is inserted 2-3 inches, which is equal or less than a Fleet tip. Also, no formal report of someone dying from coffee enemas has ever been filed. I’ve been doig them for over 3 years and haven’t had a single issue and I have chronically low sodium well before I ever started enemas. Just like in the hot yoga room, get plenty of electrolytes before and after coffee enemas.
    Do your research before you write an article. You lost all credibility here.

    • robb says

      Some people use colon tubes which may be that long and longer. Even using a colon tube I believe the risk is relatively low.

  2. Rodney says

    I agree with Cincygirl1, coffee enemas have saved many lives and helped heal many of all sorts of afflictions for years, do your research before U make claims, show one death report since U said they are reported?? U lost credibility here also. Thank U Cincygirl1, El Diablo doesn’t want people well..

  3. Rodney says

    18 inches, LOL, what bogus nonsense, LOL.. The sad thing is that some ignorant soul might actually believe all these lies…

  4. Grace says

    I’d like to see the actual numbers behind deaths caused by coffee enemas. Drs always scare ppl off with “death” occurrences same as they say about overdosing on vitamins, which has not been recorded. Please do your thorough research first. Oh ya… it helps ppl without going to a doc so of course a doc would say this.

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