Dr Oz Cluster Vs Tension Headache Remedies: Capsaicin Cream & Feverfew


Dr Oz: Headache Solutions

Headaches are a common complaint among people. Even when they are not as severe as migraine headaches, they can still be disruptive to your daily routine. But the solution isn’t always to reach for a pill bottle. Dr Oz discussed some alternative remedies such as Feverfew Migraine Remedy, Ginger Tea, and Capsaicin Cream for Cluster Headaches. Check them out for yourself.

Dr Oz needed a hand from the audience to unveil these headache remedies. He found an accomplice in Renee, a mother of four who said she routinely experiences headaches. (This is another great reason why I don’t have kids.) She said her headaches are typically in the front of her head, but sometimes occur on the side.


Dr Oz Tension Headache Remedies: Ginger Tea Remedy

Dr Oz Headache Remedies

Dr Oz shared headache remedies for cluster, tension and migraine headaches, including Ginger Tea.

Tension Headaches feel like a vise grip crushing your head. They are sometimes associated with neck pain and can be induced by extreme stress.

Ginger Tea is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help change your body’s pain response. Renee sipped a taste of the tea, which is found in grocery stores.


Dr Oz Cluster Headache Remedies: Capsaicin Cream

Cluster Headache pain is sometimes described as a spear-like sharp pain near your eye or the brain’s hypothalamus. They more typically occur in men than women, and they sometimes come with bonus gifts like fevers and runny nose.

What can you do for cluster headaches? Try Capsaicin Cream. Just rub it on the tip of your nose for relief.

Dr Oz Migraine Headache Remedies: Feverfew Remedy

Dr Oz loves to talk about this next remedy. Migraines affect women three times as often as they affect men. Migraines can make you sensitive to sound and lights (it sounds like being hungover, without the fun of party cocktails beforehand).

Feverfew Remedy is derived from the sunflower family and works to reduce inflammation associated with Migraines.

Dr Oz: Ocular Massage Headache Remedy

Acupressure or manual therapy can also be effective in fighting headaches. Dr Oz demosntrated this by massaging Renee’s foot. Just apply pressure on the foot, between the big and middle toes.

You can also try ocular massage, with your thumbs on the bridge of your nose. Push your thumbs outward as you breathe deeply.

Have you tried any of these headache remedies? What’s your favorite solution for headache pain?


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