Dr Oz: Chronic Headache Relief + Magnesium & Peppermint


Dr Oz: Plan To Stop Chronic Headaches

Dr Oz was talking to Brandy, a woman who has been suffering from chronic headaches for months now. He brought in Dr Tieraona Low Dog, who has her own natural plan to help you get rid of your headaches for good. The first tip she gave was to keep a headache journal and explained that you’re really looking for nutrition. You want to document the time, what you ate, and then rate your pain on a scale of 1-10.

Dr Oz: Chronic Headache Relief + Magnesium & Peppermint

If you suffer from chronic headaches, Dr Oz had just the plan for you to help you find relief. (wonderferret / flickr)


Dr Low Dog said it’s important to do it over a period of a few days so you can look for a pattern. There are foods that Dr Low Dog described as “notorious” for causing headaches, such as dairy, chocolate, aged cheeses, and red wine.

Dr Oz: Wean Off Headache Medications

The next step of the plan is to wean off over-the-counter medications. She explained that there is such a thing as medication overuse headaches. To wean off the medication, Dr Low Dog suggested you cut your dose in half each week until you’re down to no medication at all. She said if you’ve been taking the medication for years, you should expect it to take a few weeks in order to get off the medication. If they’re prescription medications, you should talk to your doctor first before stopping the medication altogether. You should never go cold turkey.

Dr Oz: Magnesium For Headaches

You also want to create a headache support kit in order to replace the medication in a healthier way. Dr Low Dog said Brandy could definitely benefit from magnesium. Both the Canadian and American Headache Societies say that magnesium is great for relieving and preventing headaches. She suggested Brandy take 400 mg of magnesium at night before bed. It could also help her sleep.


You can also get magnesium from nuts, soy milk, or leafy greens like spinach.

Dr Oz: Ginger Tea

It’s also a good idea to drink ginger tea, because ginger has long been known to relieve headaches and headache pain naturally. Dried ginger is better than fresh for headache pain, according to Dr Low Dog, and she said the minute you start to feel the headache, you should start sipping on it.

Dr Oz: Peppermint Essential Oil

Dr Oz and Dr Low Dog suggested peppermint essential oil, explaining that just smelling it could relieve your headache. You can also massage it into your temples or at the base of your neck, at the first sign of your headache.

Will you be trying any of these techniques to relieve your headaches? What remedies do you rely on?

Dr Oz: Exfoliator Beads

At the end of his show, Dr Oz welcomed Yvette Nicole Brown back to his stage. She shared her new favorite thing which was exfoliating beads. She said the beads can turn any cleanser into an exfoliator. You just mix the beads in with your cleanser and some water to use all over your face and body.


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