Dr Oz: Cayenne Pepper Horseradish Nasal Spray Allergy Remedy


Dr Oz: Allergy Home Remedies

This could be the worst allergy season in recent memory, and even though it’s drawing to a close with the end of spring, many people are still suffering with the symptoms. Do you need help dealing with watery eyes, constant sneezing, or chronic cough? You can try Dr Oz’s Cayenne Pepper Horseradish Nasal Spray, Eye Irrigation, and other techniques recommended by allergist Clifford Basset.

Dr Oz: Cayenne Pepper Horseradish Nasal Spray

Allergist Clifford Basset & Dr Oz gave allergy remedies & advice, including the Cayenne Pepper Horseradish Nasal Spray.


Clifford Basset said that some common allergy remedies could actually be making symptoms worse. If you are choosing an over the counter product that doesn’t fit with your symptoms, you could be doing more harm than good. He recommended seeing an allergist for help treating your specific allergies if your current regimen isn’t giving you relief.

Pollen Allergies Worsened by Wind

Environmental factors, like weather and wind, can make allergies worse. Clifford said you can check the weather to help avoid exposure to allergens. Windy days might not be the best time for you to work outdoors if you’re an allergy sufferer.

Also, pollen counts are always highest in the morning, so scheduling outdoor activities in the afternoon or evening is better than doing them first thing, when pollen is all around.


Dr Oz: Apple, Pear & Hazelnut Coffee Allergies

Certain diet items, such as fresh fruits, can actually make your allergies worse without you even realizing it. Apples and Pears, along with certain vegetables, can irritate your mouth or throat, making symptoms worse.

To avoid this problem, allergist Clifford Basset suggested peeling or cooking fruit before eating it during the height of allergy season.

Hazelnut Coffee could be another bad guy in the battle against allergies. It is a relative of tree pollen, so if that is one of your allergy triggers, it might be wise to avoid this type of coffee to prevent worsening symptoms.

Dr Oz: Eye Irrigation Allergy Remedy

Are you using concealer to fight puffy eyes caused by allergies? Clifford said that 90% of his female patients do this, which is only treating the symptom instead of the actual problem. He suggested getting to the root of your allergies instead of hiding your symptoms. He also said you can gently wipe your eyes with a tissue to remove excess pollen.

Dr Oz: MERV Allergy Rating

To gauge the effectiveness of allergy remedies, find out a product’s MERV Allergy Rating. This stands for Minimum Efficiency Report Value, and you want to find a rating of 11 or 12.

Dr Oz: Cayenne Pepper Horseradish Nose Spray

Looking for more allergy remedies? Try mixing Cayenne Pepper with Horseradish. This can create a harsh but effective nasal spray that can give you needed relief. Though it can burn at first, this is just a sign that it’s doing its job.

Dr Oz: Cold Compress Allergy Remedy

Stick a cold compress in the fridge, so you can pull it out and put it on your eyes when they start to swell. This can lessen inflammation and puffiness.

Dr Oz: Hypoallergenic Bedding

Could you be making your allergies worse by going to sleep? That depends on your bedding, believe it or not. Try switching to Hypoallergenic pillows, sheets, and mattresses to keep irritants out of the bedroom and get a better night’s sleep.


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