Dr Oz: California Poppy Seed, Coffee Bean Extract & L-Tyrosine


Dr Oz: Prescription Drug Alternatives

Popping pills seems to be an easy solution, but in many cases it’s treating the symptoms instead of the problem. If you want to find other ways to address your medical concerns, Doctor Oz seems to be your man.

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Dr Oz: Green Coffee Beans

Green, unroasted coffee beans contain a natural remedy for high blood pressure.

Bryce Wilde is an alternative medicine expert, and he shared some of the most popular alternatives you can try instead of getting another prescription.

If you are considering any of these supplements, be sure to discuss them with your doctor and include them in a list of medications you are taking.


Dr Oz: California Poppy Seed Remedy for Pain

When it comes to pain medication, there are some serious drugs used by doctors and hospitals, such as Vicodin and Percocet. But there is a natural alternative to these medications, that is completely legal.

Better yet, California Poppy Seed is not habit forming, but has the same analgesic effects as prescription pain killers. It works by making the brain ratchet up your opiate receptors, which helps lower your pain.

The recommended dosage is ¾ tsp before bed at night. They did not say whether it gives you crazy dreams.

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Dr Oz: Green Coffee Bean Extract for High Blood Pressure

Diuretics are most commonly prescribed to treat High Blood Pressure, but did you know that green, unroasted coffee bean extract can help lower your blood pressure naturally by relaxing the blood vessels? Did you know that unroasted coffee beans are green?

The active ingredient that has these effects is lost during the roasting process, so you can’t just substitute coffee, much as you might like to.

They recommended 200 mg capsules daily, to naturally decrease your blood pressure.

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Dr Oz: L-Tyrosine Hypothyroidism Remedy

Hypothyroidism, or Underactive Thyroid, means your body is not producing enough hormones. This can lead to health and mental problems, including depression.

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If you have Hypothyroidism and want natural relief, the recommended dosage of L-Tyrosine is 1500 mg, twice a day.

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Dr Oz: Apple Cider Vinegar for Acid Reflux

While you can use over the counter products like Pepcid to treat your Acid Reflux, you could save yourself the time and money with something you might already have in your kitchen.

Just 2 tsp. of Apple Cider Vinegar, diluted in water, can help combat your Acid Reflux. But you shouldn’t try this if you have Esophagitis or an Ulcer.

A word of caution from personal experience: Apple Cider Vinegar tastes even worse than it smells.



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    Dr.Oz is an idiot and doesnt care about any of you people. Heres another example about how the “good guy” preys apon the week to make a few extra dollars.

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