Dr Oz: Butt Pillow, Corydalis + Magnesium Citrate Dosage for Migraines


Dr Oz: Natural Painkillers That Work

If you suffer from Chronic Pain, it can disrupt your life. Dr Oz shared three natural pain fighters that could change the game. Try a Butt Pillow for back pain, take Magnesium Citrate for migraines, and get Corydalis for chronic pain.

Dr Oz: What is Corydalis?

Dr Oz: Butt Pillow, Corydalis + Magnesium Citrate Dosage for Migraines

Do you have chronic pain? Dr Oz recommended the natural pain reliever Corydalis, which is not habit-forming. Get more pain solutions like Magnesium Citrate.


Corydalis is a centuries-old Asian remedy that has been found to contain DHCB, which reduces feelings of inflammation, nerve pain, and chronic pain. It works as a pain killer to release dopamine in the brain.

Corydalis is not habit-forming and does not have unwanted side effects. Acupuncturist and Chinese medicine expert Dr Daniel Hsu told Dr Oz that he has seen Corydalis used for spinal pain and menstrual cramps.

This could be a substitute for drugs like Oxycontin. You can’t build up a tolerance to this drug, which works by blocking pain receptors from sending messages to the brain.


Dr Oz: Corydalis Dosage

Who should not take Corydalis? It’s bad for pregnant women and people with irregular heartbeats.

One to two scoops of Corydalis Granules will dissolve in hot water for a liquid form. Dr Hsu said that three to nine grams is the maximum recommended daily dosage. Spread this out in two to three doses per day. Check with an acupuncturist or at a Chinese herbal store to find this product.

A Corydalis Supplement is also available. You can take six capsules two to three times per day, for a dosage of three to nine grams. This will not be as fast-acting as the granules.

Dr Oz: Magnesium Citrate Dosage for Migraines

Magnesium can be a big help for Migraines, and Dr Oz viewer Annette said that her weekly headaches can be debilitating. Migraines are related to blood vessels in the head, which can become dilated and spasm.

Pain will cause you to take over the counter medication, which can lead to rebound headaches and a vicious cycle. Dr Oz said that 50% of Migraine patients have a Magnesium deficiency. Magnesium can relax those blood vessels.

Dr Oz suggested a 400-600 mg Magnesium Citrate Supplement dose daily. You could also get Magnesium from foods in your diet.

Dr Oz: Butt Pillow for Lower Back Pain

Most of us are going to experience lower back pain at some point in life. Doctor Oz had a solution for this, which can be caused by too much time spent sitting. For this problem, you could try a Butt Pillow.

The butt is full of nerves, and the Pudendal Nerves can actually throb after a long period of sitting. It can be hard to relieve this pressure, no matter how you try to wiggle in your seat.

Choose a horseshoe-shaped pillow, such as a travel pillow or a breastfeeding pillow. These are great for sitting. You could also cut your own pillow from an inexpensive piece of foam. Just a little space can give you lasting relief.



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