Dr Oz: Braxton Family Remedies – Onion, Lemon, Honey Stop Flu Symptoms


Dr Oz: Toni Braxton Lupus Diagnosis

Toni Braxton sat down with Dr. Oz to discuss her lupus diagnosis and the toll it has taken on her music career and her finances, at one point forcing her to file for bankruptcy. She also explained why she kept her lupus a secret for so long, how her family has been helping her through her lupus diagnoses and what it meant to have the support of her four sisters and her mother.

Dr Oz: Braxton Family Remedies - Onion, Lemon, Honey Stop Flu Symptoms

The Braxton family went over their best home remedies for the flu, a hanging uvula and how putting a potato in your sock can stop a fever. (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)


Dr Oz: Health Remedies From the Braxton Family

Dr. Oz knows his health remedies, so when the Braxton’s told him they have some of the best health remedies around, he put them to the test and let the audience vote on which they liked the best. Dr. Oz split the family in two and made it a little competition to see who was the best “doctor” in the family.

Dr Oz: Braxton Family Fever Remedy – Potatoes In a Sock

The first health remedy involved getting rid of a fever. Two of the sisters said putting potato slices in a sock and wearing it to bed will make you feel better when you get up in the morning and there will be no fever. Dr. Oz had his medical team look into the remedy but he concluded it does not work because there is no evidence to back up the claim.

Dr Oz: Braxton Family Flu Remedy – Onion, Lemon and Honey Water

The next home remedy was one to help relieve the aches and pains associated with the flu. The Braxton’s claimed you can slice an onion and a lemon and add them both to boiling water. Cook them until they are both tender, add a little honey and drink the liquid. Dr. Oz said this remedy will actually work. While it will not cure the flu, it can relieve some of the symptoms.


Dr Oz: Braxton Family Uvula Remedy – Q-Tips and Cayenne Pepper

The final remedy came from Toni Braxton and her mother. Toni said sometimes her uvula will hang down too far in her throat causing her to have trouble singing, but she fixes the problem by taking a wet Q-tip, dipping it in cayenne pepper and then touching the Q-tip to the uvula, allowing her to sing clearly again. Dr. Oz said this remedy might work great but he cautioned against touching the uvula with anything since it is so fragile. A safer alternative is adding cayenne pepper to water and gargling it which makes the uvula shrink back without having to touch it.

Dr Oz: Toni Braxton Named Honorary Doctor

Before Toni Braxton left the show, Dr. Oz presented her with her own lab coat and gave her the title of honorary doctor saying he believes anyone who has gone through such challenging health struggles deserves it.


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