Dr Oz: Bed of Nails Pillow, Arthritis Gloves & LED Pain Reliever Reviews


Dr Oz: Holistic Gadget Reviews

Dr Oz went holistic for his entire show, featuring Dr Andrew Weil’s breathing techniques and anti-cancer pasta recipe. He also shared natural snacks & supplements, plus the Kola Cola energy booster. Finally, he played with some creative new toys that are designed to help people improve their lives holistically. Check out the Bed of Nails Acupressure Pillow, SinuSense Water Pulsator, LED Pain Reliever and even Arthritis Pain Relieving Gloves.

Who doesn’t love a creative new gadget? When these fun products can help you relieve chronic pain, that’s even better. Did you know that holistic gadgets are a $34 billion industry? These natural products are great tension and stress relievers. Check out the ones Dr Oz highlighted on his show.


Bed Of Nails Acupressure Pillow Review

Dr Oz: LED Pain Reliever & Holistic Gadgets

Dr Oz shared the latest holistic gadgets for pain relief, including the LED pain reliever, Arthritis Gloves, Bed of Nails Pillow & more.

To help him explore the latest trendy products, Dr Oz enlisted Christina from the audience. She struggled with back pain and neck pain, which has bothered her for years. She said she can’t sleep at night because it hurts so much. Heat, cold, creams and other products aren’t giving her any relief.

Dr Oz showed her the Bed of Nails Acupressure Pillow, which retrains your nerves. Christina gave the pillow a try and reported that it was comfortable. It’s definitely worth it if it can give her results for that chronic pain.


Dr Oz: LED Pain Reliever Review

Dr Oz’s next audience volunteer, Laura, complained about knee pain. He showed her an LED Pain Reliever, which was actually created by NASA. It uses infrared heat to improve circulation and reduce joint swelling.

Look for this one at your favorite fancy gadget store or online. To use it, just apply it directly to the sore or inflamed area.

SinuSense Water Pulsator Review

Next up, a woman said she couldn’t get her wild sinuses out of control, even though she tried using a turkey baster. (How big are her nasal passages?)

For her, Dr Oz recommended the SinuSense Water Pulsator, which can irrigate the sinuses. It’s affordable, but when the woman tried it out on the show, what went in one side of her nose didn’t come out the other nostril. I think she might need to see a specialist.

Arthritis Pain Relieving Gloves Review

If someone in your life suffers from Arthritis, get them these interesting gloves for the next holiday or gift giving occasion. Arthritis Pain Relieving Gloves can apply pressure on your joints to help relieve pain and allow you to perform basic tasks. They’re sold in specialty stores.

Dr Oz: Arniflora Gel Review

Finally, Dr Oz recommended his only favorite holistic pain remedy: Arniflora Gel. It’s worth a try, and Dr Oz has featured Arniflora Gel in previous shows.


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