Dr Oz: Beat Fatigue Naturally + Ojas Ayurvedic Energy Drink


Dr Oz: Holistic Way To End Exhaustion

Dr Oz said if you’re tired and run down, you’re not alone, and he had a new way to end your exhaustion. He welcomed John Douillard, author of The 3-Season Diet, back to his show to talk about holistic ways to beat fatigue. He explained that when people are tired they reach for stimulants like chocolate or coffee, which give you a lift, “but what comes up must come down.” He said each time you crash, you’re even more tired and you keep going further into debt.

Dr Oz: Beat Fatigue Naturally + Ojas Ayurvedic Energy Drink

Dr Oz shared how you can beat fatigue the natural way using holistic ayurvedic medicine. (tillydesign / Shutterstock.com)


John explained that to solve the problem, you have to pay off your debt and strengthen your digestion because we get our energy from the food we eat.

Dr Oz: Ojas Ayurvedic Energy Drink

John first shared that everyone should start there day with an ancient ayurvedic energy drink. In ayurveda, the digestion process takes 30 days to complete. At the end of that 30 days, a substance called ojas is produced, which results in vitality and energy. There are foods that build ojas up. The Ojas Ayurvedic Energy Drink is made of dates, coconuts, almonds, ghee, honey, saffron, and hot milk.

In one study, saffron actually cut cravings by 55%. Milk has been shown to have peptides, which lower cortisol to destress you. Dr Oz tried the drink and said it was not just good but really good. You can drink it at morning and at night, and it won’t keep you up.


Dr Oz: Five Digestive Spices

The next holistic way to beat fatigue is to add five specific digestive spices to each meal. The spices are cumin, cardamom, coriander, fennel seeds, and ginger. When put together, the spices reset every aspect of digestion. Cardamom can replace cinnamon and fennel goes great in soups.

Dr Oz: Hydrate Before Your Meals

Next, Dr Oz shared that hydration is important. John said you should drink eight ounces of water 15 minutes before a meal. John said we get tired because we don’t digest well, and that starts with digestive acid. If you drink a glass of water before the meal, it will prehydrate the stomach to make acid well.

Dr Oz explained that water actually protects the stomach from the acid you’re making so that you can make more acid, helping you to digest.

Dr Oz: Sleep On Your Left Side

Finally, as for how you sleep, you should be lying on your left side. On the left side, the stomach is cradling the food, allowing it to digest properly and at just the right speed.



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    Could you please post the Ojas Ayurvedic energy drink recipe that you featured on the Dr. Oz Show today. Thank you so much.

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