Dr Oz: Back Pain, Neck Pain & Knee Pain Acupuncture Results


Dr Oz: Acupuncture Benefits

Have you ever thought about getting Acupuncture? If you’re afraid of needles, it might not be a stress reliever for you. But otherwise, Dr Oz said there are a variety of health benefits to be gained from giving the practice a try. What have you got to lose? Phil Veneziano and Daniel Hsu are expert acupuncturists who joined Dr Oz to talk about how Acupuncture works for Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Knee Pain. Volunteers talked about their Acupuncture Results.

A full 100 members of Dr Oz’s studio audience actually volunteered to get stuck with needles, a fact I’m sure is alarming to those who are needle averse. They sat in the studio audience with needles sticking out of their faces. (This is where my Final Destination-inspired fears kick in; so many things could happen to you while you have needles dangling out of your face!)


Dr Oz: Acupuncture Back Pain & Neck Pain Cost

Acupuncture Results & Cost: Dr Oz

Dr Oz invited experts to demonstrate Acupuncture Results, benefits & costs for knee pain, back pain, and neck pain.

Rachel was in the audience, and she complained about her stiff upper back and her neck stiffness. She said she’s even tried taking pills to reduce the pain from her neck spasms, but would prefer a more natural approach.

Dr Veneziano strategically inserted needles into Rachel’s neck and shoulders. She immediately felt relaxed and reported no pain. Among the benefits of acupuncture are immediate relief and several pain free days to follow. But treatments can get up to $100 for a 60-minute session, and you may need more than one treatment.


Knee Pain: Acupuncture Results & Cost

Joanne was another brave audience member who complained about her knee pain. Dr Hsu showed off an alternate acupuncture technique, placing 18 karat gold studs in her ear, which he said act as natural painkillers. They are even stronger than morphine, according to Dr Hsu.

These would typically stay in your ear for a few days or up to two weeks. The cost per treatment is between $100-200.

Dr Oz surveyed the acupuncture volunteers, and the majority said they felt more relaxed than before they had pointy needles dangling from their faces. They agreed that the needles themselves weren’t painful at all.

Ear Stapling Weight Loss Treatment

The jury’s still out on whether Acupuncture works for weight loss, but a related treatment might do the trick. Ear Stapling is believed to suppress the appetite and fuel the metabolism for increased weight loss results.

Have you tried Acupuncture before? Be honest: did it hurt? Or does this segment make you wan to explore the treatment more in depth? Let us know what your results are like.


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