Dr Oz: Astragalus, Horse Chestnut Seed Extract & Borage Oil Review


Dr Oz: Over 40 Supplements

They say that life begins at 40, but what if you don’t feel like you have the energy to enjoy this new stage of life? Dr Oz shared some 40+ Diet & Beauty Products with his audience, and he also spent some time sharing his favorite supplements for this stage of life, such as Borage Oil, Astragalus, and Horse Chestnut Seed Extract.

Dr Oz tossed a beach ball into the audience to find a volunteer to help him teach everyone about supplements for women age 40 and older.


Horse Chestnut Seed Extract Review

Borage Oil: Dr Oz Supplements

Dr Oz shared supplements for women over 40, including Borage Oil, which has benefits for hair and nail health.

Dr Oz talked with the woman from the audience about Spider Veins and Varicose Veins, and how gravity sucks blood through veins, which become enlarged.

He recommended adding 10 drops (or 300 mg daily in pill form) of Horse Chestnut Seed Extract Oil to a glass of water. It helps contract those veins to reduce visibility. The woman sampled it and approved of the taste.


Dr Oz: Astragalus Root Review

Next, it was back to the audience with the beach ball to find a volunteer to talk about the benefits of Astragalus. The chosen woman talked about the vitamins she takes for energy.

Dr Oz said that Astragalus is an adaptogen, a natural stress and fatigue fighter. This can also relax the blood vessels and may increase blood flow to the brain.

The Astragalus dosage is 200 mg twice per day, according to Dr Oz.

Dr Oz: Borage Oil Review for Women’s Hair

Dr Oz randomly selected one more woman from his audience to learn about the last supplement he recommended to women over 40. Dr Oz asked about Yolanda’s hair care regimen, but she wears a weave. “My hair doesn’t take to the chemicals that I used to put in, to straighten it,” she said.

Borage Oil supplements help hair increase moisture and project a sheen that is often lost with aging. Gamma Linoleic Acid helps promote healthy hair, skin and nail growth, which can be difficult for people over 40.

The dosage on Borage Oil is 500 mg daily, according to Dr Oz. Hopefully these supplement solutions will give women over 40 some ideas about solving common problems related to aging.


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