Dr Oz: Artichoke Leaf Extract & Asparagus Prebiotic for Cholesterol


Dr Oz: Natural Ways To Healthy Cholesterol

How can you lower your cholesterol naturally? Dr Oz taught us some tips and tricks, such as Artichoke Leaf Extract, Broccoli Sprouts, and more natural cholesterol managing foods.

You may know your total cholesterol, but do you know the difference between your healthy and unhealthy cholesterol numbers? Dr Oz put Natasha, his audience volunteer in the Truth Tube to learn about her health.


Her total cholesterol is 226, her LDL is 158 (a bit high) and her HDL is 59 (very good). The goals, according to Oz, are an LDL under 100 and HDL above 50, with a total under 200. Natasha said that she does not want to be put on medication for her cholesterol levels. She is nervous about side effects.

Dr Oz: Cholesterol Medication Controversy

Dr Oz: Artichoke Leaf Extract & Asparagus Prebiotic for Cholesterol

Before you get a prescription, try these four all natural approaches to managing your cholesterol levels from Dr Oz, including Artichoke Leaf Extract.

Dr Oz said that there is an ongoing medical debate about who needs to be taking cholesterol medication. He thinks that too many people are being prescribed medication instead of confronting their health challenges in a more proactive way. Here are three methods he suggested.


Dr Oz: Artichoke Leaf Extract Review for Cholesterol

You can snuff out your bad cholesterol with Artichoke Leaf Extract, according to Dr Oz. This is a supplement that you can take on a recgular basis. Natasha said that she does not like eating them in vegetable form.

The dosage is 500 mg Artichoke Leaf Extract three times daily, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s an inexpensive supplement in drugstores and online.

Dr Oz: Oranges for Soluble Fiber

Get more fiber by adding Oranges to your daily diet. Dr Oz said that there is a right way to get more citrus in your nutrition plan. Fiber helps to absorb cholesterol that would otherwise be collecting in your arteries. Just one orange per day gives you the soluble fiber you need…and make sure you’re not peeling off the pith. (Flaxseed is also good for you because of its healthy fats.)

Dr Oz: Broccoli Sprouts for Inflammation

Do you like Broccoli Sprouts? These are baby broccoli, which reduce inflammation throughout the body. Natasha said they looked like Alfalfa Sprouts, and Dr Oz said the taste is similar. You could add them to soup or salad.

Dr Oz: Asparagus Prebiotic Remedy

Asparagus is a prebiotic that feeds your gut bacteria to help prevent inflammation. Get more good asparagus and other healthy veggies to keep your body systems running smoothly!


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